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60-year-old Man Arrested For Going To Marry A Woman Without Money

By Joe Udo

A 60-year-old man identified as Samuel Maikut has been arrested for going to marry a woman without money.

CONVERSEER learned that the incident happened in the Bukwo District of Uganda on Saturday at 5:30pm.

Maikut, who hails from the Kitawoi Sub-county, Kween District of the country left his inlaws to be perplexed when he arrived at their house to marry their daughter empty-handed despite spending Shs8 million “$2,100) for the event.

According to Monitor, Maikut’s father-in-law-to-be, Mr Christopher Ngania, said they were enthusiastic to receive visitors for the function, but they were shocked by what unfolded.

“We agreed that the groom and his team would come with four cows and three goats, among other things, but the man came without anything,” he said.

Ngania added that they initially did not want to overburden the groom and decided to engage him to do a takeaway ceremony that combines an introduction and a wedding, “but Mr Maikut refused”.

“We had agreed to have the function on December 2. We invited him on November 30 and advised him to do one function. He came, but insisted that the two ceremonies would stand,” he said.

The team agreed to hold the introduction on Saturday (9 December 2023).

Mr Ngania said he organised an event that saw him slaughter a bull.

“But we over-waited for our visitors and allowed members of the community to eat food. Interestingly, two ladies arrived at the venue at 5pm and informed us that the gentleman was coming. He arrived 20 minutes later,” he added.

Ngania said they interrogated his yet-to-be son-in-law and called the police to take him into custody. “The community was looking hostile towards him,” he said.

In an interview with Radio 9 FM in Bukwo District on Saturday, Mr Maikut said he takes responsibility for “any mess that could have upset the in-laws”.

“I had a team that was in charge of organising my visit, but we had a few challenges,” Mr Maikut said.

He was hesitant to disclose how his people let him down. Mr Maikut, however, sounded apologetic.

“I am sorry for what happened, but I am ready to discuss issues of compensation for the losses involved in the function,” he said.

Among other dowry/bride price negotiations that Mr Ngania said weren’t fulfilled was money.

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“We had also agreed to have Shs200,000 for the clan and Shs150,000 for the mother-in-law,” Mr Ngania said.

Mr Alfred Chebet, alias Wayawaya, the chairperson of the Kapsumbata Clan, where Maikut belongs, told this newspaper on Sunday that Mr Maikut didn’t inform the clan leadership about his preparation.

“He was doing most of the things privately with his brother. But he told me that he had given out some items, including clothes to the in-laws, but not cows,” he said.

Meanwhile, the chairperson of Kapsayoy Cell, Bukwo Town Council, Mr Alfred Kibet Yovan, who has been part of the preparatory arrangements for the function, said Mr Maikut had never paid any items inform bride price.

“He has not taken anything to the in-laws. We have been very sympathetic towards him and we wanted to organise a takeaway ceremony,’’ he said.

In another meeting that thought harmony in Bukwo District on Sunday evening, Mr Yovan said a delegation from Kapsumbata Clan and Kaptui Clan agreed to stop any further discussions until Mr Maikut pays Shs3 million.

“We discussed and established that around Shs8 million had been used in the entire preparations. The meeting agreed that Maikut would pay Shs3 million out of the Shs8 million,’’ he said.

Mr Maikut agreed to pay Shs3m to the in-laws by December 30.

The meeting was attended by area local leaders, neighbours and representatives of both clans.

Mr Maikut, a widower, has been eying Violet Chebet as his new wife.

According to the laws of Uganda, dowry or bride price was abolished and any person aged 18 years and above has a right to marry a man or woman of her or his choice.

Last year, the State Minister for Gender and Culture, Ms Peace Mutuuzo, clashed with Sebei elders over bride price.

While giving her remarks during the Cultural Day celebration in Kween District, Ms Mutuuzo said bride price is a bad practice that infringes on the rights of women.

“I am starting a campaign against dowry of bride price and I encourage everyone to join me,’’ she said.

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