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Microsoft releases Win11 Dev 23612 preview version

By James Ovie

Microsoft on Wednesday released the Win11 Build 23612 preview update for Windows Insider project members in the Dev channel.

Microsoft releases Win11 Dev 23612 preview version

Main contents of Win11 Build 23612 preview update:

A richer lock screen weather experience

Microsoft has introduced a richer weather experience on the lock screen, including dynamic and interactive weather updates.

Users can see more information after moving their mouse to hover over the weather experience on the lock screen.

Microsoft releases Win11 Dev 23612 preview version

After the user taps or clicks the weather card and logs in, the Microsoft Edge browser will be called to open the MSN weather forecast page and present the complete forecast.

If you’ve already enabled Weather under Settings > Personalization > Lock Screen > Lock Screen Status, you don’t need to do anything more.

Additionally, this new experience will be enabled by default. If you don’t want to see this experience, you can change the lock screen status to “None”.

No matter which personalization option you choose (Windows spotlight, picture or slideshow), you can get this rich weather experience on your lock screen.

Currently, the new version of the lock screen is only launched in the EN-US version, and only a small number of Dev channel users are invited for testing, and will be gradually released in the future.

Voice Access expanded languages, multi-display support, and voice access custom commands

Extended language support:

Microsoft has expanded Voice Access to support additional languages ​​such as French (France), French (Canada), German, Spanish (Spain), and Spanish (Mexico).

Microsoft releases Win11 Dev 23612 preview version

When you open Voice Access for the first time, you are prompted to download a speech model so that speech data can be recognized on the device. If Speech Access does not find a speech model that matches your display language, you still have the option to continue using English (US) Speech Access.

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Multi-monitor support:

Users can now use all Voice Access features on multiple monitors, previously limited to the primary monitor.

Microsoft releases Win11 Dev 23612 preview version

Microsoft releases Win11 Dev 23612 preview version

The Grid Overlay feature has been further developed to not only allow you to interact with the screen you are currently using, but also to quickly switch to another monitor. You can also use drag-and-drop to move files, apps, and documents from one monitor to another.

After calling the Grid Overlay function, it is used to quickly transfer focus to another display. You can use letters or NATO phonetic spellings in the command; for example, “B” or “Bravo” both work, as shown in the screenshot above.

Voice shortcut keys:

We’ve introduced voice shortcuts or custom commands, allowing you to create your own commands. This feature is currently available if you use English Voice Access.

Microsoft releases Win11 Dev 23612 preview version

Microsoft releases Win11 Dev 23612 preview version

Microsoft releases Win11 Dev 23612 preview version

changes and improvements

[set up]

  • Optional features that were previously listed under Settings > Apps have been moved to their own pages under Settings > System.


[Start Menu]

  • Fixed an issue where the text input indicator would appear floating after opening the Start menu.

[File Manager]

  • Helps fix an issue that could cause desktop icons to become extremely widely spaced.

  • Fixed an issue where explorer.exe could crash when opening the context menu in File Explorer if multiple files were selected.

[small parts]

  • Fixed an issue that caused loading delays when re-enabling the Microsoft Start feed.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the widget board to not automatically close and reopen when feeds were enabled or disabled.

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