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#BoycottPlanetFitness: Planet Fitness massively losing members across US

Planet Fitness, a popular fitness company spread across the United States, is losing members massively in recent times over its gender policy.

CONVERSEER gathered that the reason for the downward chart is the company’s policy that doesn’t respect the rights of women in several US states, including Alaska, and Georgia.

The fitness company, last week lost over $400 million for banning a woman who exposed trans women shaving in a women’s locker room.

Planet Fitness’ justification of their policy of inclusivity while risking the lives of women, especially minors has resolved many revoking and cancelling their membership.

A thread by Libs of TikTok, a popular page on the microblogging platform, X (formerly Twitter), revealed that after the $400 million loss, Planet Fitness is still losing more members and revenue.

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The thread alleged that “This might be the most successful boycott since Bud Light.”

#BoycottPlanetFitness: Planet Fitness massively losing members across US
A trans woman pictured undressing in front of a 12-year-old girl in Planet Fitness locker room in Alaska

“It all started when Patricia said she saw a man shaving in the women’s bathroom in a Planet Fitness in Alaska.

“Two days later Planet Fitness responded by revoking Patricia’s membership.

“Planet Fitness stood by their decision to revoke her membership and defended allowing men in women’s locker rooms. A look at their policies also confirms this is official company policy.

“Many people were understandably upset that Planet Fitness doesn’t care about women’s safety and prefer to put mentally ill men’s feelings first. Calls to #BoycottPlanetFitness ensued!

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“Turns out, Planet Fitness has a history of making women unsafe in the women’s locker rooms.

“Planet Fitness has been allowing men in women’s locker rooms for years and their response is to revoke the membership of the women complaining about it.

“As a result of this controversy, Planet Fitness saw $400 million wiped off their value in one week! They still aren’t backing down though and are defending their policies.

“After losing $400 million in value and mass cancellations, Planet Fitness still didn’t learn. They are currently still allowing men in women’s private spaces!

“Planet Fitness managers are now trying to cover up the fact that people are cancelling their memberships because of this controversy and because they don’t care about women’s safety.

“Turns out, Planet Fitness also discriminates against White people in their hiring practices and are proud of it!

“An old Planet Fitness commercial confirms that they do not care about women’s safety and are even proud to advertise that!

“Planet Fitness is also partnering to groom kids by giving them ‘queer books’ to confuse them about their identity and introduce them to the extremely harmful radical gender ideology.

“Planet Fitness quadruples down and has now reportedly assigned a staffer to make sure this man is comfortable in the women’s locker room.

“Planet Fitness in Pennsylvania also has men entering the women’s locker rooms.”

Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson
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