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Market women honour Cross River Governor’s wife at 60

The UJ Esuene Stadium was illuminated with flood lights as market women from two major markets in the city of Calabar, Marian and Watt market locked horns in a thrilling and entertaining novelty football match to celebrate Rev Mrs Eyoanwan Otu, wife of the governor on her 60th birthday.

The event was organised as part of the activities to celebrate and honour Rev. Mrs Otu for her outstanding role in galvanising women in the state through her various pet projects.

The game between Marian Market and Watt Market women provided 60 minutes of ecstasy and fun for everyone present at the stadium. The commentary added to the excitement as adjectives such as “water leaf seller,” “Crayfish seller,” “Mama garri moves to counter” were used.

Market women honour Cross River Governor's wife at 60

The Governor, Senator Bassey Otu accompanied by his wife Rev Mrs Eyoanwan were part of the audience that watched the thrilling encounter.

Trialled by the game which ended one zero in favour of Marian Market women, the Governor’s wife declared at the end of the match that there was no victor: no vanquished and gave equal prize money of N50,000 each to the teams in support of the trade of every participating player in the match.

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Even though the winner’s cup was handed to Marian Market women, the Governor’s wife maintained that what the women displayed was genuine show of love and support for the administration of her husband, the state governor.

She promised to ensure that market women are captured in programmes of government that improve their welfare and wellbeing.

There were also cultural displays and music dance sessions during the halftime of the match.

Market women honour Cross River Governor's wife at 60

In her comment, the team Captain of the Marian Market women, who gave her name as Grace, a Garri trader in the market noted that the government of Senator Bassey Otu has indeed been friendly with the market women because it has among other things such as provided public amenities in the market, and has reduced daily market toll.

There was also free medical check-up at the stadium offered to the general public during and after the match.

In another activity held before the novelty match, Her Excellency Rev Mrs Eyoanwan Otu, wife of the State Governor, at the Women Development Center, Calabar, fete less privileged children who gathered as part of the activities to mark her birthday.

Amidst laughter and music, the children received vital medical check-ups, treatments, and thoughtful gifts.

Addressing the children, the Cross River State first lady reaffirmed her support for the well-being, education, sports and health of children in the state.

She announced scholarships for the less privileged children who are eager to return to school, adding that through her pet projects such as “Humanity Without Borders”; vocational studies’ opportunities, shelter homes are available towards empowering the less privileged.

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