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VIDEO: Korra Obidi narrowly escapes knife, acid attack

Korra Obidi (born Anita Chukwumfumnaya Obidi), a Nigerian singer and dancer, was recently attacked with a knife and acid during a live-streaming session in the United Kingdom.

The incident has shaken the community and highlighted the dangers of online hate turning into physical violence.

Obidi, who has faced significant online hate in the past, was targeted by a black female assailant approximately 5 feet tall.

During the attack, Obidi was assaulted with both a knife and acid. She was able to wash her face with Coca-Cola to neutralise the acid, a method she mentioned in a video taken immediately after the assault.

At the time of reporting, Obidi was being transported to the hospital in an ambulance, with the attacker still at large.

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The incident has sparked widespread condemnation and concern, with many expressing their support for Obidi and urging authorities to take swift action against the perpetrator.

It serves as a chilling reminder of the potential consequences of online hate and the importance of addressing it before it escalates into real-world violence.

Watch the video by clicking on the link below…

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