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Iranian MMA fighter banned for kicking ring girl

By Paschal Abu

An Iranian mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, Ali Heibati, faced the consequences of his reckless behaviour after a fight in Moscow on Friday.

He allegedly kicked a ring girl and sucker punched both his opponent, Arkady Osipyan, and a commentator. As a result of his unacceptable actions, Heibati was immediately banned from the league.

Heibati’s troubles did not end there, however. He lost to Osipyan in the first round of the fight, and the upset fans made sure to give him a taste of his own medicine after the match. The angry fans physically assaulted Heibati, leaving him bruised and battered.

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This incident serves as a reminder that unsportsmanlike conduct has no place in MMA or any other sport.

It is important for athletes to remember to show respect to their fellow competitors and fans at all times.


Paschal Abu
Paschal Abu
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