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Lady dumps husband who sponsored her Masters in UK for ex-boyfriend

A Nigerian man recently shared a heart-wrenching story on Twitter about a woman who, after reconciling with her ex-boyfriend and having a child with him, left her marriage to the man who had supported her financially while she pursued her master’s degree in the UK.

The story was shared by a popular Twitter user known as @OurFavOnlineDoc, who said it was told to him by a close friend.

In the detailed account, the man tells how he met a woman who had just gone through a breakup. He fell in love with her and they got married, but the marriage quickly turned sour. Despite the man’s efforts to make the marriage work, the woman remained distant and unloving towards him. Eventually, she left him and went back to her ex-boyfriend, taking their child with her. The man was left heartbroken and devastated, having invested so much time, effort, and money into their marriage.

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@OurFavOnlineDoc wrote:

“So earlier today I was talking to a friend who narrated a very saddening story that sends shivers down my spine every time I think about it- even now as I write this.

I was talking to my friend – who is a lady- and we were just talking about how marriage can make or mar a person and she shared this true life story with me.

So there’s a man, in his early 40s, let’s call him Chijioke, for the sake of this writeup. Chijioke is an uneducated man who is into “container” business, import, export and many legitimate business enterprises. He inherited a huge business empire from his father and he successfully even took it to far greater heights.

Chijioke met a young fine fairskinned gorgeous lady and got romantically attracted to her. Let’s call the lady Amaka, for the sake of this writeup.

Amaka is a well educated, classy, beautiful lady who has just recently finished from university when she met Chijioke. She had just gone through a rough breakup with her ex-boyfriend, a few weeks before meeting Chijioke.

For the sake of the story, let’s call her ex boyfriend Nnamdi. Amaka considered her ex-boyfriend Nnamdi the true love of her life. However as the relationship failed, she moved on with her life- or so it seemed. And then came along Chijioke.

Within a few weeks of expensive dates, luxury shopping and quality time together; Amaka and Chijioke started dating. Chijioke is what you will call an “Agba Baller”, an “Odogwu”, a true rich money-spending big boy in every meaning of the term.

In no time, she got pregnant – and they decided to formalise the relationship. They had a traditional marriage and within a year, they had a pretty baby girl child. Let’s call the child Ijeoma.

After about 3years, Amaka told Chijioke her husband that she would like to go for masters in the uk. Chijioke fully paid for her masters (about £15,000), he paid 11 months rent (about £13,000), and he set aside £5,000 monthly which he sent to her for her upkeep. He bought her a car as soon as she landed in uk and all she had to do was take the uk driver’s license exams and she started driving.

So while other students were hustling for 20hours work in warehouses and shopping malls, Amaka was living a super comfortable life. All Chijioke wanted was for his wife to focus on her masters and not be distracted or bothered by any stress. Amaka and Chijioke also agreed that Ijeoma will stay with Chijioke in Lagos while Amaka was doing masters and once the masters was over, Amaka will be back home in Lagos.

As the masters was rounding up, and with the situation and state of Nigeria getting worse, Amaka explained to Chijioke that she feels it would be better if they all relocate to uk as a family.

Chijioke was fine with this but he felt it may be difficult for him to fully relocate as all his business is completely domiciled in Nigeria. So they reached a compromise- Amaka and Ijeoma will relocate to UK first fully, then Chijioke will be visiting from time to time while trying to figure out if there’s a way for him to also fully join them. This sounded like a good plan.

Amaka started sending Chijioke some paperwork for him to sign regarding “consent for school” for Ijeoma when Ijeoma comes to uk. She also sent him some more paperwork and documents – many which were voluminous- but he mostly signed a lot of them without reading much details.

I mean why would your wife of four years (currently in uk studying masters sponsored by you), why would she send you documents to sign regarding your child and you will be suspicious? Right?

Well, wrong. How very wrong.
This will turn out to be the biggest mistake of his life….

So everything was sorted and the only thing left was for Chijioke to come to uk with Ijeoma to meet Amaka- for them to start the planning of their new lives together as a family going forward.

Eventually Chijioke came with Ijeoma and handed her over to her mom. Everything was fine until about 2weeks after, and then Ijeoma with tears in her eyes said “Chijioke I have something to tell you which is eating me up and killing me inside”. He asked her what it was and then she dropped the bombshell on him.

“I never loved you. I tried to love you but I could never love you. I have never gotten over my ex, Nnamdi. I’m sorry it took me so long to say this”.

He was totally dumbfounded.
There was no response to this sort of bombshell.

Amaka went ahead and said “I also need to tell you that the paperwork and documents you signed for Ijeoma was the formal transfer of full parental responsibility of Ijeoma to Nnamdi who has now officially adopted her and will henceforth be her father. I am really sorry”.

At this point, Chijioke wished for the ground to open up and swallow him alive. He felt he was in a movie at this point and hoped the director will simply scream “cut” to end this horror he is in. But alas, this is real. This is his life being shattered right before his eyes.

Chijioke stood up, carried his box, called his friend on phone who lived in a nearby city and in tears begged him to let him just come over to clear his head. Let’s call Chijiokes friend Chibuzor for the sake of this story.

After a few days, Amaka was able to locate where he went and she came to see him. Chibuzor confronted her and she confirmed in tears to him that it’s all true.

She said “I never loved Chijioke but now my guilt is eating me up so I had to open up to him and say the truth. I wish Chijioke well because he has never hurt me and he didn’t deserve any of this. I never got over my ex and unfortunately I’m going back to Nnamdi as he’s the only one who truly gives me joy”.

Amaka confirms as her uk student visa was expiring in 2023, she has already secured a work visa and it does not have Chijioke on it as dependant, because she feels she needs to move on with her life and she hopes he will do the same.

“Did Chijioke beat you?”
“Did Chijioke assault you?”
“Did Chijioke treat you badly?”
“Did Chijioke cheat on you?”
Chibuzor asked Amaka out of a total confusion as to why she acted this way.

Amaka said Chijioke never beat her, never cheated on her and never treated her badly. “Chijioke is a good man but I’m just not the one for him” she said in tears. She says she feels suicidal continuing in the marriage as the guilt will make her kill herself if Chijioke doesn’t let her go. Amaka stated her mental health is in severe jeopardy if she doesn’t walk away from Chijioke.

Chijioke was sad, lost and confused at all of this. None of it made any sense. He’s lost his wife, he’s lost his child, he’s lost his marriage, he’s lost everything.

He asked her:
“Am I the father of Ijeoma?” “Does the child belong to me or to Nnamdi?”

Amaka looked at him, thought about the question, said nothing and walked out. That was the last time he ever heard from her.

Amaka is back with Nnamdi and with Ijeoma also living with them.

Today Chijioke is back to Lagos. He went back sometime last month trying to pick up the shattered pieces left of his life.

This is a true life story that just happened. Till now, I honestly remain in a total awe when I think about this entire story..

Apparently Chijioke is very rich but unfortunately very uneducated. Being uneducated is not a crime. But being uneducated and trusting the wrong person is a mistake that can ruin and will ruin anyone.

Chijioke signed multiple documents from his wife who he trusted, not knowing he was signing away his marriage and signing the transfer of parental responsibility of a child (he believed to be his) to another man. He spoke to many uk lawyers who are trying to see if there’s anyway to reverse the adoption granted to Nnamdi- but he’s being told the chances of a successful reversal is very slim. This is someone he spent so much and gave so much to.

To love someone is never a mistake, but to attempt to buy love with money is a deadly mistake that can clearly destroy a person if and when things go really wrong,

Never take as priority someone who takes you as an option. And never attempt to buy love with money- because love is either given or not given.

If you think you have to pay for love, then you are actually paying for something that is not love. And with time, you will probably learn the hard way.

In my own view-
This is my personal view-
It looks to me that Amaka was in touch with Nnamdi all along even while she was married and had a child with Chijioke.

I also feel quite strongly that the whole trip to the uk for masters was just a smokescreen and an excuse to reunite with Nnamdi who was also now in uk. I believe the child Ijeoma actually belongs to Nnamdi and she told him this during that masters program.

I also believe it was during the time of her masters that she finalised the plans to relocate the child to uk and reunite the child with the actual biological father. And obviously with the child reunited with the actual biological father, with her going back to Nnamdi and with Amaka now having a uk masters and a uk job; she had no need anymore for Chijioke who she probably detested and only exploited because he was rich enough to fund her fantasies and finance her lifestyle.

This story still continues to turn my head inside out as I fail to understand how a human being could be so cold, so brutal, so calculating and so vicious.

To go as far as marry a man only to use him purely as a means to get back with your ex is something I find totally unthinkable.

I hope the Chijioke man finds strength and picks himself up after this sort of ordeal.”

Paschal Abu
Paschal Abu
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