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Samsung to redesign Galaxy Buds 3 earphones

According to Chosun Daily, Samsung has concluded plans to redesign the next-generation Galaxy Buds headphones (Galaxy Buds 3) and add a handle-like structure to the series of headphones. If the relevant news is true, this will be Samsung’s first major redesign since the launch of the Galaxy Buds headphones in 2019.

According to reports, Samsung added the relevant structure mainly to make the microphone on the earphone handle closer to the user’s mouth, aiming to improve call quality and make the earphones “look lighter”.

However, Korean media believe that the relevant design “may make the new earphones look similar to Apple’s AirPods.”


It was also gathered that the relevant move can also free up more internal space for the earphones to accommodate more battery capacity, making it easier for Samsung to provide more sufficient battery life for the AI ​​capabilities of the Galaxy Buds4 earphones.

It is worth mentioning that the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3/Pro headphones have recently passed the FCC certification.

The specific model is SM-R630, the software version is R630.001, the hardware version is REV1.0, and it supports Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE. It is believed this headset is not far away from us.

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