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AGN: Beatrice Akonjom’s candidature represents justice and equity

…and Justice and equity are powerful elements of progress

By Eriacy Confidence

While I perceive that some members, particularly those from the southern bloc are playing the ethnic card, I urge all of us to consider the significance of justice and equity in the growth and progress of our noble guild.

In all climes, zoning is considered a significant factor in the promotion of peace, unity, and progress, and the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) cannot be an exception.

In the history of the guild in Cross River state, no one from the central is said to have held the exalted office of a chairman and it is only fair to support any candidate from that senatorial district this time and in this case BEATRICE AKONJOM. I acknowledge the fact that our constitution did not make provision for this important element of peace, unity and progress, but for the sake of posterity, let’s support Cross River State Central Senatorial District to produce the next chairman as a majority of the past chairmen are from the South. (Kadimo Oqua, Nkese Ignis, Eric Anderson, Maureen Ekpenyoung, Monica Udofia).

In the circular, many of us from Central advocated for the governorship to return to the South because of this principle and we achieved it, why are we advancing a different ideology in AGN? Zoning represents maturity and consideration for others and the future.


Moreover, it is only fair to support a candidate that has the zeal, experience, integrity and capacity to deliver quality and Guild-oriented leadership and Beautrice Akonjom, having served as a private secretary under Governor Liyel Imoke and retired in the civil service at the rank of a permanent secretary meritoriously, is that person that possesses this qualities. She has the contacts, willingness and readiness to lead the guild to El Dorado.

Let’s shun tribalism and vote for competence and quality.

Beatrice Akonjom for Chairman, AGN CRS (Cross River State).

Eriacy Confidence Oba,
Former Media Aide,
To Chief Emeka Rollas,
AGN President

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