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American Airlines passenger who drank Jack Daniels & tried to open aircraft door mid-flight sued by FAA

34-year-old American Airlines passenger, Heather Wells, who was gagged and strapped with duct tape, is being sued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Heather Wells was accused of trying to open an aircraft door mid-flight from Dallas to Charlotte, NC.

Flight attendants, with help from a passenger, were able to restrain Wells with duct tape after she tried to kick, spit, and head-butt people.

The incident happened after Wells had a drink of Jack Daniels and started running down the aisle to open the front cabin door as she yelled profanities.

The incident happened in 2021. The FAA fined Wells $81,950 in 2022 which she has yet to pay.

US attorney Jaime Esparza is now filing a lawsuit on behalf of the FAA to collect money from Wells.



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Collin Rugg
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