Advert Rates For Converseer (

Take advantage of our great and loyal audience to put your business and content in front of real people. To advertise with us, use the following details below;

A. Banner/Text Adverts (30 Days Duration)

1. 720×90 Banner (Header) = $500 (N250,000)

2. 720×90 Banner (Footer) = $300 (N150,000)

3. 300×250 Banner (Between Content) = $400 (N200,000)

4. 300×250 Banner (Sidebar) = $300 (N150,000)

5. Text/Link Adverts (Between Content) = $500 (N250,000)

B. Sponsored/Guess Post Article (No Duration)

1. Article Without Link = $200 (N100,000)

2. Article With One Link (Dofollow) = $300 (N150,000)

3. Article With Two Links (Dofollow) = $400 (N200,000)

4. Article With More Than Two Links (Dofollow) = $1000 (N500,000)

5. For Casino and or gambling content (one Dofollow link) = $1000 (N500,000)


(i) We accept payment before publishing.

(ii) We only accept payment via Wire Transfer.

(iii) Prices are not negotiable.

(iv) We do not accept any other form(s) of adverts apart from the ones listed above – do not contact us if what you want is not listed above.

To contact us, send an email to info[dot]converseer[at]gmail[dot]com with the category of the advert as the subject. For example, “720×90 Banner (Header)“. or “Article With One Link (Dofollow)“.