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Fuel Subsidy Removal Cause Of High Electricity Tariff – DisCos

The electricity Distributing Companies (DisCos) have stated that the high electricity tariff being witnessed by Nigerians is caused by the removal of fuel subsidy.

Nigerians are lamenting the high electricity tariff being meted out to them by the Discos despite not having a steady power supply.

However, Dr Gabriel Modupe, General Manager of the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHED), one of the DisCos in Cross River has said that the high tariff is not their doing but the subsidy removal.

Modupe who stated this on Thursday, October 26, 2023, in a radio show on Sparkling 92.3 FM in Calabar at about 6:40am stressed that fuel subsidy is the cause of high electricity tariff.

“Let me explain, when fuel subsidy was not removed, people would turn on their generators immediately we took power but now, it is not the same. People no longer switch on their generators when we take light, they will wait until we restore power – that is why the tariff is considered high,” Modupe said.

He added, “We have not increased electricity tariff since January, it’s just that most people only depend on electricity now than before.”

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When asked if power supply has increased since the removal of subsidy, Modupe said: “We are trying our best to ensure everyone enjoys power but there has not been much significant increase in power supply since the removal of subsidy.”

Continuing, he said, “electricity supply is the same for those with prepaid metres and those without prepaid metres.”

He warned against power bypass for those using prepaid metres.

“We have been telling people about the punishment for bypassing prepaid metres. Any person we catch, he/she will be charged to court and mete with the punishment that follows. If you’ve been doing it, desist from it because we are working with law enforcement agencies to track down defaulters. The issue is becoming too much. We are thinking of increasing the fine to over a hundred thousand naira (N100,000),” Modupe warned.

Frank Ulom
Frank Ulom
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