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Davido paid me $100k, more than what I charge, to perform at #CHIVIDO bridal shower – Iyanya

Cross River-born afrobeat singer, Iyanya Mbuk, has stated that fellow afrobeat singer, Davido, has offered him $100,000 to perform at his bridal shower, #CHIVIDO.

Iyanya said the $100k Davido paid him is more than what he charges per show.

He said he was not expecting any pay when Davido called him to pay at his bridal shower.

He also said when asked how much he would charge, he kept mum because he didn’t need the pay.


“When Davido called me to come to perform at the CHIVIDO bridal shower, I just accepted without secoπd. I wasn’t expecting any pay because when I look at the things Davido has done for me, an all-night performance isn’t enough to show my gratitude.

“When I got there, Davido asked me how much he was going to pay me and I told him I didn’t need a pay. But he insisted and just as I was trying to deny the pay, he made me call his manager and I received a credit alert of $100k at the spot.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes and Davido told me to go make his wife’s bridal shower a memorable one. Throughout my performance, I was just smiling and glanciπg at my account balaπce,” Iyanya said.

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