Tuesday, 9 July 2024.

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Georgia judge Christina Peterson caught on camera hitting police officer removed

A Georgia judge, Christina Peterson, has been removed from the bench after she was apparently caught on camera hitting a police officer.

The Georgia Supreme Court ruled that Peterson has broken multiple Code of Judicial Conduct policies since taking office.

“We agree that removal is warranted here. The Hearing Panel found that the (JQC) Director proved by clear and convincing evidence 28 of 30 counts alleging that Judge Peterson violated the CJC, and that discipline is authorised under the Georgia Constitution for 20 of those 28 counts,” the court said.

Police have released additional bodycam footage of Peterson refusing to obey with police.



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Collin Rugg
Collin Rugg
Collin Rugg is a writer, investor and co-owner of Trending Politics.

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