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Biden campaign refuses drug test before debate

The Biden campaign has refused to agree to a drug test ahead of his debate with Donald Trump later today.

While Trump has offered to submit to a drug test if his opponent also does so, the Biden campaign is having none of it.

In an appearance on CNN Wednesday, Biden campaign spokesperson Adrienne Elrod stated “I mean, I don’t even really know what to say about that.”

She then claimed that Biden twice beat Trump in previous debates (don’t remember that).

“This is what [Trump] does because he doesn’t have anything else to run on,” Elrod further charged, adding “He doesn’t have a plan. He doesn’t have a record for fighting for the American people. He doesn’t know why he’s running, except for to seek political retribution on his enemies.”

Really? Trump is the one who doesn’t have a plan?

She continued, “So he has to resort to these types of tactics which are, frankly, just silly. Turns off a lot of voters, especially voters who want to see their president fight for them.”


Have you asked the voters lately?

Biden’s campaign also posted this pathetic attempt to project problems with their own candidate onto Trump:

As we noted yesterday, the Trump campaign suggested that Biden will “probably be filled with Adderall” on Thursday, with senior adviser Jason Miller noting “We know that when it comes to the big events, when it comes to debates, when it comes to State of the Union, things of that nature, that they’re going to have Joe Biden completely super-soldiered up. He is going to be ready to go.”

The Trump campaign also wants to know why Biden needs an entire week to prepare for a 90 minute debate, and exactly who is running the country in the meantime.

Biden has been hiding at Camp David since last Thursday practising standing up.

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Chris Thompson
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