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How North Carolina mom killed her two adopted children, burnt their bodies

Adoptive mom, Avantae Deven, is facing capital punishment for abusing and killing her two adopted children in North Carolina.

Converseer learned that Deven’s adopted children, Blake and London Deven, had not been seen for years and they were never reported missing.

Police were tipped off when they responded to a call at Deven’s home where a child had attempted to end his life.

The child said, “He hadn’t seen his brother Blake Deven in about five years and the last time he saw him he had a broken arm.”

Investigators say the kids were kept in a small, dark room and were given very little food. If they wrote apology letters for their behaviour, they could earn food.

Blake Deven was last seen in 2022 at a Walmart and London Deven was last seen in 2019 in Fayetteville.

Avantae Deven allegedly disposed of their remains in a burn pit in the backyard.

Investigators say they found human remains in the metal burn battle of a girl between 15-19 and a boy between 7-10.

London would have been 27-years-old. Blake would have been 17.


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Collin Rugg
Collin Rugg
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