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Female prison officer filmed having s+x with male inmate in London prison

A female prison officer has become a subject of police investigation after she was filmed having s+x with an inmate inside a cell at Britain’s second-biggest prison, in south London, United Kingdom.

The officer was captured in the over four minutes long video performing a l*wd act and having s+x with a prisoner as her discarded radio crackled with messages in the background.

The X-rated footage was filmed recently by another inmate and circulated among inmates using illegally-held phones, TheSun UK reports.

During the footage, the inmate filming the video joked: “This is how we live at Wandsworth.”

The footage shows the guard, on her knees, and performing a s+x act on an inmate, with his grey shorts pulled down.

A second inmate – seen on camera and apparently sm*king a “joint”- says: “This is a movie innit – g@ngsters online.”

The jail guard – who looks in her 20s and now no longer works for the prison service – then takes her black jail-issue trousers down and starts having s+x with the lag against the cell door.

But the officer – understood to have quit when the video emerged – ignores the radio and continues r*mping with the well-built lag, who has white Nike socks and trainers still on.


The second con, with a beard, holds the suspicious cigarette in view of his camera and says: “This is how we live at Wandsworth, bruv. Yeah.”

As the r*mping pair stand up, he adds: “No one’s coming through by door, bro. I will fi¥ht them. No one’s coming – do your ting bro. You know we are family.”

The s+x tape comes after a report last month by HM Inspector of Prisons said Wandsworth – which holds more than 1,500 inmates – needs “urgent improvement” amid a surge in violence.

The prison’s governor, Katie Price, resigned during the inspection which highlighted “systemic and cultural failures that stemmed from poor leadership”.

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