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Moore County Schools board uncomfortable as parent reads from p**nogr*phic book available to students

Moore County Schools, Carthage, North Carolina, has come under scrutiny following their recent alleged indoctrination activities.

In a recent development, a parent stood before the board to read some of the books available to students at the school and it’s so p**nogr*phic that made the board chair and the board uncomfortable.

The video which was shared by Libs of TikTok on X (formerly Twitter) on Monday has stirred reactions from Americans who are experiencing the change they never bargained for.

“The board chair and a board member admit it’s ‘uncomfortable’ to listen to yet the book remains available to students.

“‘Uncomfortable’ for adults but totally cool for kids in schools,” a post by Libs of TikTok on X read.

The school has come under scrutiny after the post, with Matthew calling them “GROOMERS.”

Some of the comments below:

“It’s pretty infuriating to listen to them ignore their own conscience in real time. They know it’s wrong and persist anyway. It’s one thing to do wrong in inference, quite another to do it when you know it’s wrong.” – Craig Chamberlin

“Indoctrination. It’s a helluva thing.” – Ian Miles

“Why do educators want this stuff in the classroom in the first place?” – Planet of Memes

“I’m surprised they even let him read from the book. Many times the parent gets silenced and/or arrested. This kind of perverse literature only makes sense to perverse people. There’s your answer.” – Paul Szypula

“These people are vile! They’re after our children!” – Bruce Ballou

“They are perverting your kids. We need school choice.” – Cash Loren

“Another reason for either school choice or home schooling!” – Tom Young

“It doesn’t make sense. Parents fight back for your children. Fire these officials. You hold the power. Use it. Protect your children.” Holly kam

“Insanity. I hope this cancer isn’t too engrained.” – Sheri

“It’s horrible they don’t remove these books! They shouldn’t have been available to children in the first place!” – Elizabeth Helgelien

“Prosecute school boards to the full extent of the law for allowing p**nogr*phy to be put into school libraries. Put them in prison. No compromise.” – bigdaddy

“This does not make a single sense, what’s with them and kids? Why can’t they leave the kids alone?” – Ifwy Stones

“Disgusting school boards. If you want it to change, then we need to band together, take a day off work and all go to the school board when its time to vote. Vote them all out and actually attend the school board meetings to get individuals who actually will protect the children.” – God Willy

“Why can’t these people leave our children alone? America needs more morals to drive these people away.” – Ryan


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Chris Thompson
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