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36-year-old man steals employer’s car, takes it to church to give testimony that he’s bought a new car

A 36-year-old man identified as Amos Daniel shocked Nigerians after stealing his employer’s car (a green Lexus) and took it to church to give testimony that he had bought a new car.

Daniel who confessed after being paraded by the Lagos State Police Command on Tuesday, said he stole the car on 23rd June 2024, the first day he started work and took it to the church on 30th June 2024 to give testimony.

The suspect said he intended to use the Lexus car to do Uber so to raise money to take care of his family.

36-year-old man steals employer's car, takes it to church to give testimony that he's bought a new car
The recovered Lexus (Right).

Daniel gave an excuse that his madam wanted to travel out of the country and that he had never done such a thing before.


“My name is Amos Daniel, I’m 36 years old, I live around Ojo in Lagos, and I am married. I am not a soldier, I’m just a civilian.

“I was employed as a driver, then I took my madam car to go and give testimony in the church that I have bought a car, that this is what God has done for me.

“The first day I was employed, I stole the car and took it to my pastor and told him that this is what God has done for me.

“I acted that way because I wanted to use the car for Uber.

“This is the first time, I have never done it before.

“The auntie (my madam) wanted to travel, so, I wanted to use it for four days to look for what my family will eat,” Daniel said.

Watch Amos Daniel’s confession below:

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