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GTA Skinny-Dippers hosts n*ked events, offers free membership for underage in Canada

GTA Skinny-Dippers Club in Canada is hosting n*ked events. The club is providing free memberships for kids under 18.

According to information available on its website, children between 14 and 18 do not need to be accompanied by an adult.

Men are also allowed into the women’s changing rooms if they’re in a couple and can walk around with er*ctions.

See the FAQS posted on the website about the event below;

Q. Am I considered a youth and what do I/we pay? (25 and under)

A. Youth membership is free. As a single person between 19 & 25, you pay $5.00 for an event and as a couple, you would pay $7.00. Price is based on the younger person in the couple.

Q. I am 18 years old (or younger), can I attend and how much would I pay?

A. Basically you pay nothing. It’s FREE. (If you are under the age of 14 you must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older. If you fall between the ages of 14 and 18, you are welcome to attend for FREE without a guardian

Q. Do I need to RSVP the event/events?

A. The GTA Skinny-Dippers offers various types of swims/activities throughout the year. For those activities that are directed to the general population, members get preferred entry over non-members in the extremely rare case that attendance exceeds capacity. In the rare case where an RSVP is required, it is imposed on both members and non-members alike and the activity will note that an RSVP is required.

Q. How do the changing rooms work?

A. Change rooms are co-ed. The men’s changing room is for anyone. The women’s changing room is reserved for single women and couples.

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Q. Are lockers available at the events?

A. Yes; all the pools have lockers and require locks with the exception of the Wave pool where you will need quarters.

Q. Are swim goggles allowed?

A. We ask that you use your discretion if you feel you need to wear goggles. If we get complaints whereby folks are uncomfortable by you wearing them you may be asked to remove them and if you are inappropriate while swimming underwater, you will be told to leave.

Q. What if I get an er*ction?

A. This is a very common question as it’s a common concern. 1st of all, er*ctions are natural and sometimes an unstoppable occurrence. It’s not so much that you have one, but rather, what are you doing with it? Walking around the pool deck flaunting it to everyone would be considered very bad taste and is not considered “natural”. Most men do not get aroused at their first or second swim due to nervousness. The odd guy that gets one is generally someone who is comfortable with being n*ked at the swims… and it pops up… we can only say it’s very rare to see one… Most men will stay in the pool and swim it away or stay in the hot tub until it subsides. Some, will wrap themselves in their towel if it necessitates getting out of the pool.

Q. Can I still swim if I’m on my period?

A. This should be no different than swimming in any other public pool. Pads and bottoms are not permitted. Tampons are the norm, however, having the string dangling may cause embarrassment for some women and therefore bottoms are permitted. As this is also a natural unstoppable occurrence, there should be no shame associated.

Q. Are the Life Guards approachable to talk with?

A. If it’s regarding a safety issue, yes, by all means. that’s! If it’s because you want to chat it up with them about naturism or to find out more about them, then NO! For some, that could be construed as harassment.

Q. How many people attend your events?

A. Anywhere from 60 to over 100 depending on the pool.

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