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Vehicle Theft: Police Urges Owners To Register At Central Motor Registry (CMR) Portal

The era of vehicle theft, snatching, kidnapping, carjacking, hit-and-run incidents is over as the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) introduces the revived digitalised Central Motor Registry (CMR) Portal.

The CMR Portal, CONVERSEER learned is aimed at giving vehicle owners the flexibility to take control of their vehicles as well as request information including tinted permit, change of ownership, vehicle information, change of number plates, chassis body, colour, and more.

In a notice signed by SP Irene Ugbo, Police Public Relations Officer, Cross River State Command on Wednesday, November 1, 2023, and made available to CONVERSEER, the initiative is aimed at combating vehicle-related crimes.

“The Cross River State Police Command wishes to inform all residents of Cross River State about an important initiative by the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) aimed at combating vehicle-related crimes.

“In an effort to address issues such as car theft, snatching, kidnapping, carjacking, hit-and-run incidents, and more, the NPF has revived and digitalised the Central Motor Registry (CMR).

“We understand that these crimes have been a significant challenge across the nation, often involving the use of unregistered vehicles and tinted glasses.

“To tackle this issue effectively, the NPF has expanded the coverage of the CMR to include various types of vehicles such as sports utility vehicles (SUVs), saloon cars, trucks, buses, tricycles, motorcycles, and so on, other services available include:

• Request For Motor Vehicle Information
• Request For Change of Vehicle Ownership
• Request For Change of Vehicle Licence/Number Plates
• Request For Change of Vehicle Chassis or Body
• Request For Change of Vehicle Colour
• Request For Int’l Driver’s Permit
• Request For Int’l Certificate for Motor Vehicle
• Request For Tinted Glass Permit
• Request For Spy Number Plates Permit
• Report Of Stolen/Recovered Vehicle From 2018 Till Date.

“By enrolling your vehicle in the newly digitalised Central Motor Registry, you will gain access to a range of benefits. This initiative is designed to enhance public safety and reduce the prevalence of vehicle-related crimes in our state. Some of the advantages you can expect from this digitalisation effort include:

1. Enhanced Security: By registering your vehicle, you contribute to the creation of a comprehensive database that enables law enforcement agencies to track and identify vehicles involved in criminal activities promptly. This proactive approach will deter criminals and significantly reduce the incidence of car theft, snatching, and relaoffencesnses.

2. Effective Investigation: The digitalised Central Motor Registry will provide law enforcement authorities with quick and efficient access to vital information about registered vehicles. This will facilitate investigations into crimes committed using vehicles, enabling the police to apprehend offenders and bring them to justice swiftly.

3. Timely Recovery of Stolen Vehicles: In the unfortunate event that your vehicle is stolen, the Central Motor Registry will serve as a valuable resource for recovery efforts. By promptly reporting the theft and providing accurate vehicle details during the registration process, you increase the chances of your vehicle being located and returned to you.

4. Improved Road Safety: The CMR digitalisation initiative also aims to address safety concerns on our roads. By encouraging the registration of vehicles, including motorcycles and tricycles, the police can enforce traffic regulations more effectively and ensure that only roadworthy and properly licensed vehicles are allowed on our streets.

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“In addition to vehicle registration, the Central Motor Registry portal offers various accessible services, such as requesting tinted permits, thereby providing a convenient platform for addressing your vehicle-related needs.

“The Cross River State Police Command strongly urges all residents to take advantage of this significant development by enrolling their vehicles in the Police Digitalised Central Motor Registry (CMR) portal. Your participation will play a crucial role in creating a safer and more secure environment for all.

“Remember, your vehicle’s registration today can make a difference in preventing crimes and protecting lives. Act now and be a part of this important initiative,” the notice by SP Ugbo read in part.

How To Enroll Your Vehicle In The Police Digitalised Central Motor Registry (CMR) Portal

Visit – for registration of vehicles and for reporting of stolen but yet-to-be-recovered vehicles from January 1st, 2018 to date.

For complaints/assistance on the CMR registration in the state, please contact the Command’s CMR department via these  Contacts: 08063274422 (the Command’s CMR department), or the Police Public Relations Officer via 08068559326.

“Together, let us build a Cross River State that is safe and secure for everyone,” the statement added.

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