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NGO Engages Youths On Civic Responsibility, Empowerment In Cross River

By Our Reporter

In an effort to cultivate a spirit of civic responsibility and empowerment among the youth, A Well-Informed Adolescent Initiative, a non-governmental organisation on Wednesday (22nd Nov 2023) hosted a Youth Civic Engagement Summit under the Nigerian Youth Future Funds (NYFF) Project in Cross River State.

The event, held at the American Corner in Calabar, the state capital, marked a pivotal step towards positive change in the state.

The project focuses on advancing civic participation, encouraging young individuals to actively engage in civic responsibilities within their communities.

Under the theme “The Cross River We Want,” the summit aimed to inspire young minds to envision and contribute to a future aligned with their ideals for the state and community.

Supported by the MacArthur Foundation and Ford Foundation, the event emphasised the promotion of civic responsibilities and active accountability demands from leaders.

The keynote address, delivered by Mrs Abigail Duke Orok, Commissioner for Commerce and Tourism in Cross River State, resonated with passion and encouragement.

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She urged youths to stand out and excel in their pursuits, emphasising that civic engagement encompasses both political and non-political processes, paid and non-paid activities.

NGO Engages Youths On Civic Responsibility, Empowerment In Cross River

Highlighting the significance of the event, Mr Pascal Omama presented the “The Nigeria We Want” document, setting the stage for engaging panel discussions led by knowledgeable young leaders in Cross River State.

A Well-Informed Adolescent Initiative played a pivotal role in fostering a shared vision for Cross River, encouraging civic participation among the youth, and urging them to demand accountability from their leaders.

Throughout the summit, participants delved into insightful discussions covering accountability, civic responsibilities, community development, sustainable practices, effective advocacy, and civic participation.

Expert speakers and facilitators provided valuable insights, equipping attendees with practical knowledge to drive tangible change in their communities.

In conclusion, the Youth Civic Engagement Summit organised by A Well-Informed Adolescent Initiative successfully forged collaboration among young leaders in Cross River State.

It empowered the youth to take an active role in shaping their future, demonstrating the immense potential for positive change when communities unite around a common vision.

The event stands as a testament to the organisation’s commitment to creating a better and more engaged society.

A Well-Informed Adolescent Initiative is known for its dedication to providing comprehensive sexual and reproductive education, gender equality, and sustainable youth leadership, initiated the NYFF Project in collaboration with Leap Africa.

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