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UNICAL Radio 103.5 FM “Campus Connect” To Host Studio Session On School Fee Increments

By Cynthia Maduekwe

The University of Calabar, UNICAL Radio’s “Campus Connect” is set to host a crucial studio session this Wednesday at 7pm, delving into the recent school fee increments mandated by the university’s management. The session aims to provide a platform for informed discussion on the impact of these fee adjustments, particularly in light of the challenging economic climate.

The highlight of the studio session will be an invitation extended to Cynthia Chinenye Maduekwe, the Faculty of Engineering & Technology Director of Information and Immediate Past Chief Press Secretary to the Immediate Past Student Union Government Vice President, OCJ. The organisers are hopeful that she will provide an affirmative response before the day concludes.

Cynthia Maduekwe fondly called CyanahPEN is expected to shed light on “What’s the fate of stepped-down students from accredited faculties and departments” which is an issue gaining significant attention amid the ongoing economic challenges. With a keen focus on finding solutions, Cynthia Maduekwe will explore possibilities to address the concerns raised.

The studio session becomes even more pertinent in the wake of a recent memo announcing the suspension of school fee payments until further notice following student protests. The memo underscores the dissatisfaction among students regarding the perceived exorbitant fee increments.

“While recognising the broader context of Federal Government directives and the need to avert strikes, it is crucial for a Federal and Public university like the University of Calabar to maintain accessibility and not morph into a private school in disguise (Education Equity Plea),” expressed by a concerned student in an open letter and poem that circulated widely.

UNICAL Radio’s “Campus Connect” encourages all students, faculty, and stakeholders to tune in to 103.5 FM for this enlightening session as it promises to provide valuable insights and a constructive dialogue on the way forward.

UNICAL Radio 103.5 FM "Campus Connect" To Host Studio Session On School Fee Increments

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