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God Don Suffer: Nigerians React To Christian Nightclub

By Paschal Abu

Christianity according to the Holy Bible was meant to shape people to live a moral life and change the world towards God in Heaven but not more in today’s world as many who call themselves Christians are doing the opposite of the Bible.

Today, there is a Christian nightclub in the United States of America, something against the Bible’s teachings.

According to a video shared by Yabaleft on X (formerly Twitter), the nightclub is going to be the first and will be opened in Los Angeles (LA).

According to a woman in the video, she said God told her and her husband to create the first Christian nightclub.

She said: “God told me and my husband to create the very first Christian nightclub right here in LA.”

Continuing, she said “Right now, Christians have nowhere to have fun… So, Christians need a place to turn up in a wholesome environment that allows us to just unite for Jesus…”

Reacting to the video, some Nigerians think God is being ridiculed in today’s world.

Amara, in her reaction, said: “Hmm, God don suffer.”

Another, OfficialSleem said, “I swear. God will really say no need for rapture because nobody in this generation will make heaven.”

“Christan night club??? What happened to the church!?”, Stromae said.

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Kenny Pompey: “These Gen Zs be doin’ the most.”

“God didn’t tell them shit, they are just hustlers,” Dowat.

Echo: “Oyinbo people head just dey knock anyhow…. Christian Night club ??

“I remember they also had a Christian tattoo shop and a Christian Jodo club (Marshal Art club)

“Later they will establish Christian bear parlour……smh.”

Chi Sandra: “God told u. So na club be God problem.”

Idung Stanley: “Soon people will start committing high level crime in the name of Christian Night club, odd things happen in the night ..

“What happened to fellowship… we must learn to stop imitating things that would promote sin.”

And many more…

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Paschal Abu
Paschal Abu
Pascal Abu is a Blogger with finesse and experience in the entertainment industry.

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