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Biafran group begins taking down foreign flags in Bakassi

By Our Reporter

The leader of the Biafra Nations League, BnL, Princewill Chimezie Richards, at the weekend, ordered his men to take down Cameroonian flags from the Bakassi Peninsula, insisting that BnL will not tolerate foreign flags flying along with the Biafran flags in the territory.

Richards, who disclosed this to Sunrise Daily declared a total shutdown of the Peninsula this month.

He ordered the Biafran separatist group in the region to disarm government forces whom he described as “foreign armed groups”, and hold government officials hostage.

Despite the Nigeria and Cameroon Joint Border Patrol combing the area regularly, the BnL Leader declared the Peninsula “a no-go area” for oil firms and government officials visiting the region.

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Meanwhile, Cameroon is suffering from the destruction of two major oil installations by militant groups loyal to the BnL as fuel scarcity and price hikes worsen.

Authorities say they are likely to fix the damages and resume drilling alongside Nigeria at the maritime border of Bakassi before the end of January.

Cameroonian government’s failure to resolve the crisis in Bakassi has sparked a series of violent protests in Duala and Yaounde following the high increase in the price of the commodity as citizens continue to lament.

Some groups in Cameroon have asked the government to grant the BnL militants amnesty, revealing more attacks could collapse the economy of the country.

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