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Apple Makes More Money From Bing Than Bing Itself – Microsoft

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is busy convincing the government that Google will not stifle search innovation. However, Microsoft made an interesting point, saying that the revenue generated by Bing is not as good as Apple’s profit from it.

Mikhail Parakhin, who is responsible for advertising and network services at Microsoft, testified in court this week that Bing’s own revenue is not as good as what Apple makes from Bing.

“The amount of money Apple earns from Bing exceeds Bing’s current revenue. We have been working hard to convince Apple to use our search engine.”

Parashin said that Microsoft’s most recent communication with Apple occurred in 2021. Microsoft hopes to discuss future prospects with Apple, but apparently, no results have been achieved.

Microsoft’s view is that when Apple renewed its Google search contract, it used Bing as a bargaining chip to increase the amount of the contract. Microsoft said Apple’s contract with Google obliges Apple to defend its Google search contract.

Apple once defaulted to Bing for Siri image searches, but Bing has never become Safari’s default search engine. However, users can change the default search engine.

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