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Daniel Ehis Aiguohkian, Malabite Who Aims to Break GWR Celebrates “Resilience Amid Adversity”

By Cynthia Maduekwe

The University of Calabar is abuzz with excitement as one of its distinguished students, Daniel Ehis Aiguohkian, a Philosophy major, prepares to embark on a remarkable journey. Daniel Ehis Aiguohkian is set to attempt the Guinness World Record for the Longest Writing Time, an endeavour that will last an astonishing 188 hours, equivalent to 8 days. This incredible feat is scheduled to commence on Sunday, October 1st, 2023, at the Students Union Government (SUG) Senate Chamber, University of Calabar, starting at 10 a.m.

The timing of this monumental writing marathon is significant as it coincides with Nigeria’s Independence Day, providing a unique opportunity to celebrate both the nation’s freedom and the power of literacy.

What sets this event apart is not only the endurance and dedication displayed by DANIEL EHIS AIGUOHKIAN but also the profound theme chosen by the STUDENTS UNION GOVERNMENT (SUG) VICE PRESIDENT, SEN. PRECIOUS ZION, for the Students Week. The theme, “Resilience in the Midst of Adversity,” beautifully aligns with the spirit of DANIEL EHIS AIGUOHKIAN’s world record attempt. It underscores the resilience required to undertake such an arduous task and connects students to the journey he is about to embark on.

Sen. Precious Zion’s leadership in selecting this theme highlights her commitment to promoting the qualities of perseverance and determination among the student body. She recognises that DANIEL EHIS AIGUOHKIAN’s record-breaking attempt embodies these very qualities.

DANIEL EHIS AIGUOHKIAN encourages all students of the University of Calabar to come out and fully participate in this historic Students Week event. This is an unparalleled opportunity to witness and be part of a Guinness World Record attempt, and to connect with the theme of resilience.

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A press briefing for the WRITE-A-THON Guinness World Record attempt is scheduled to take place this Saturday, September 30th, 2023, at the SUG Senate Chamber, University of Calabar, at 1 p.m. It is a crucial prelude to the main event and offers an insight into the preparation and significance of this record-breaking endeavour. Attendees should take note that there will be giveaways, making it an even more enticing event.

As we approach the end of this month and the beginning of a new one, let us embrace the opportunity to celebrate resilience, literacy, and the indomitable spirit of the University of Calabar community. Spare some time to support this remarkable endeavour.

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