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Tinubu pays N5.4bn monthly for some people to keep quiet – Journalist alleges

By Mo Isa

More secrets are being exposed daily in President Bola Tinubu’s administration amid the hardship facing the country.

A controversial journalist referred to by social media name as 99% OPPRESSED (@PIDOMNIGERIA) has released yet another detail, alleging that Tinubu pays N5.4bn every month to some people to keep quiet while things are going sour.

According to the journalist, N5.4 billion is for settlement of amnesty every month.

The allegation, according to the journalist who claimed to have seen a secret document, might be one of the major causes of widespread hunger in the country.

“I have just seen a secret Document that shows that, Tinubu’s government despite the widespread hunger in the land, and the worsening economic situation, is paying 5.4 billion naira every month to settle amnesty.

“5.4 billion naira every month for some people to keep quiet,” @PIDOMNIGERIA posted on X (formerly Twitter) on Monday.

Meanwhile, a video seen by Converseer pictured an American analysing the politics of Nigeria to Zeihan.

According to the video shown below, the American said for tribal/regional politics to continue in Nigeria, a certain region must be settled in order to keep quiet while the others rule the country.

Meanwhile, the president is also trying to rescue the naira from the United States dollar as he has injected $300m into banks.

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The government has also used agencies like the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC to clamp down on Bureau De Change, BDC, also known as Black Marketers, so to save the free fall of the naira.

This according to the government will save the country from total economic collapse. However, prices of goods, especially foodstuffs have continued to soar, with other foreign currencies gaining stronghold as well.

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Mo Isa
Mo Isa
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