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Rival cult groups declare war in South West, South East, South South, Middle Belt

By Joe Udo

There is an ongoing cult war between rival cult groups in the South West, South East, South South and Middle Belt geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

CONVERSEER learned that the war, which is mainly between Aye vs Vikings, Eiye vs Buccaneer and Aye vs Eiye, KK vs Eiye, KK vs Vikings, Deebam vs Greenlanders, and others, has claimed several lives in less than two weeks, with many higher institution students falling prey.

According to detailed reporting of the cult war by Naija Confra, a platform bent on reporting cult-related cases on X (formerly Twitter) and Telegram, the cult war is spread across States, including Osun, Ogun, Abia, Delta, Akwa Ibom, Plateau, Bayelsa, Edo, Rivers, Imo, and others.

Cultism in Nigeria began as far back as 1952. It started out as fraternities, and they were confined within universities campuses with the motive of maintaining law and order on campuses. The Pyrates Confraternity was started by seven students among which was the popular Nigerian Nobel Laurette, Wole Soyinka.

99% of the time, the reasons for the cult/confraternity wars were irrelevant and highly unnecessary. For instance, the cult clash between KK and Vikings in Akwa-Ibom was because of a girl and Vikings attacked.

The almost 1-year cult clash between KK and Eiye in Ilesa, Osun state was just from a little argument and later that day KK foolishly brought down the Eiye man involved in the argument for no reason. Almost 1 year later, a little argument that would have been resolved peacefully is still claiming lives.

The cult clash between Eiye and Buccaneer in Abeokuta, Ogun state was totally uncalled for. Buccaneers didn’t do anything. Buccaneers were just on their own and Eiye attacked them and brought one man down for absolutely no reason.

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Read the detailed reporting in no particular order as reported by Naija Confra below:

• There is a cult clash between Vikings and Ayes in Ughelli, Delta state as an ALLEGED member of Aye was seriously injured.

• There is a clash between Deebam and Greenlanders in Bayelsa state, and an ALLEGED member of Greenlander has been brought down. Members of Deebam and Greenlander in the Naija Confra house are advised to exercise extreme vigilance as tensions escalate in various areas. The city in Bayelsa state will be added late to this update.

Rival cult groups declare war in South West, South East, South South, Middle Belt

• Members of Vikings and Ayes on the Naija Confra platform are urged to stay vigilant in Esit Eket, Akwa Ibom state due to a serious clash between the two groups, resulting in casualties. Our sources are in that location and more details will be revealed as soon as they are authenticated and verified.

• In Abeokuta, Ogun state, in the cult clash involving Eiye, Aye, and Buccaneer some people have been brought in recent days. The clash is now heavily between Eiye and Aye, but tension persists between Eiye and Buccaneer as well.  So it is advised for everyone to remain vigilant.

Rival cult groups declare war in South West, South East, South South, Middle Belt

• In the ongoing cult clash between Aye and Eiye in Benin, Edo state, reports indicate that in Uromi, members of Eiye targeted 3 ALLEGED Ayes at a spot. 2 were brought down immediately, while the condition of the third, who was rushed to the hospital, remains unknown at this time.

• Tensions are escalating between Aye and Vikings at Delta Polytechnic, Oghara, Delta state. This incident mirrors the ABSU conflict but with roles reversed: Aye members reportedly assaulted Vikings, including their number 3 man, following exams. Vikings members warn of potential reprisals, prompting us to urge viewers to spread the message to prevent further violence or casualties. Both groups are encouraged to advocate for peace, as seen in other parts of Delta state.

Rival cult groups declare war in South West, South East, South South, Middle Belt

• Naija Confra can now confirm that the Eiye member brought down by Ayes at Igbinaduwa along Siloko Road, is a number 1 man of Eiye and we have obtained a clearer picture/video of the deceased. The alleged member of Eiye brought down today near Igbinaduwa along Siloko Road, en route to Ogida, Benin city, by members of Aye.

• Update reaching the Naija Confra desk is that someone was brought down at Ogida back of mobile, Benin city not long ago. This is in the cult clash involving Aye and Eiye. The confra identity of the victim is not yet verified and we cannot disclose it for this reason.

Rival cult groups declare war in South West, South East, South South, Middle Belt

• Further information from our sources with video evidence reveals that the person brought down at Ogida, back of mobile in Benin was an alleged member of Eiye and he was brought down by members of Aye.

• We’ve received an urgent report stating that an alleged Eiye member was brought down this morning near Igbinaduwa along Siloko Road, en route to Ogida, by members of Aye. This incident is part of the ongoing clash between Aye and Eiye in Edo state, which has resulted in the loss of nearly 300 lives in just 3 months.

• The alleged member of Aye brought down at circular road, Benin, Edo state in the cult clash between Aye and Eiye.

• In the ongoing cult clash between Aye and Eiye in Benin, Edo state, an alleged member of Aye has been brought down at circular road by members of Eiye.

• This is the alleged member of Aye that was brought down. The boy is not even up to 2 months as an Aye member.

• Information reaching us is that Ayes in ABSU have declared war on Vikings and the clash is said to spread through Abia Polytechnic, Umudike and College Of Education, Arochukwu.

• This is to state clearly that the Nigerian Military or the Nigerian Police Force has nothing to do with the bringing down of the alleged Aye member in the video on our telegram. The military men you saw there only came after the incident had happened in order to restore peace and calm in the area.

• Naija Confra has obtained the full live video of the incident as it happened for you to see that no military or police was involved. This was purely an attack carried out by cultists.

• Today we are getting an update that an alleged member of Aye was brought down in Abia state university area by members of Vikings and the situation has escalated massively.

Rival cult groups declare war in South West, South East, South South, Middle Belt

• In the ongoing cult clash between Aye and Eiye in Benin, Edo state, an alleged member of Eiye was said to have been brought down last night at Ogbemudia street, beside Clemstar Hotel, Isihor, Benin city by members of Aye. He was brought down in his wife’s shop.

• The Eiye confraternity in Ogun state has a big problem that wise senior members must fix quickly. If they don’t, Eiye could lose many more members than they expect. In Abeokuta, Eiye, Buccaneer, and Aye are fighting, and our investigation shows that Eiye caused it all.

• Eiye vs Buccaneer: Eiye brought down 2 Buccaneer members who were celebrating their member’s graduation for no reason, and without any prior tension between them. Buccaneers, who are usually calm, decided to start the war fully against Eiye, bringing down Eiye members this year.

• Eiye vs Aye: While Eiye members were looking for Buccaneer members to bring down, they came in contact with Aye members who just finished their group meeting and brought down one of them, even after knowing they were Ayes, not Buccaneers. It should be noted that Aye and Eiye hate each other so much in this location.

• Our investigation in Ogun state shows that Eiye is the cause of the problems on both sides. They need to lead the way in calling for peace. Eiye leaders on this platform should know this. They need to call for peace because endangering the members you claim to love by exposing them to 2 other dangerous groups is not the right way.

Rival cult groups declare war in South West, South East, South South, Middle Belt

• Still on the cult clash in Jos, Plateau State, between Vikings and Aye, members of Aye allegedly brought down a supposed member of Vikings last night. As previously stated, individuals affiliated with both groups in this area should remain vigilant as hit squads from both sides have been spotted in that location. An urgent report has reached us regarding a cult clash between Vikings and Aye in the Jenta area of Jos, Plateau State.

• Allegedly, members of Vikings brought down a supposed member of Aye last night. Vikings claim this action is retaliation for a previous hit few weeks ago by Aye on one of their members, who survived. Ayes are planning are massive attack today from what we hear.

• We conducted series of investigations in Rivers state, Ogun state, Osun state and our team also visited Owerri to ask that question so many viewers have always sent to our DM.

• Following Naija Confra’s investigations we discovered that last year, this graduation celebration of a prominent Buccaneer member was interrupted by Eiye members for no reason, and there was no problems between both groups prior to this event. The situation escalated and the Eiye members brought down a Buccaneer member (FOR NO REASON), ultimately starting the ongoing conflict. This is the reason Buccaneers retaliated and started the full blown war this year.

• Yesterday we got a report of a cult clash between Aye and Vikings at Abia State University (ABSU), allegedly resulting in someone being shot after their final exam.

• In Ughelli, Delta State, a peace agreement has been reached between the Vikings and Ayes following dialogue among leaders and stakeholders. The Vikings were fined 50,000 naira as compensation for injuries inflicted on the Aye member during the dialogue process. We pray it (peace) continues and other states follow the lead of Delta state.

• In Kwale, Delta State, peace may be restored as Honorable Nnamdi Ezechi, representing Ndokwa/Ukwuani constituency, has invited leaders of the cult groups to resolve the conflict. Traditional rulers and elders in Kwale have also performed rituals and laid curses on any group that will continue fighting and killing. We hope that these efforts bring lasting peace in Kwale, Delta state.

• The cult clash between KK and Eiye in Ilesha, Osun state which started mid last year is still on as an ALLEGED Eiye member was brought down by KK members.

Rival cult groups declare war in South West, South East, South South, Middle Belt

• In Ibusa, Delta state, an ALLEGED member of Aye has been brought down by members of Vikings.

.• Many members of confra express regret over their decision to join, and they fall into various categories:

1.) Some with violent tendencies end up in less violent or smaller confra groups, which they find unsatisfying.
2.) Calm and non violent individuals who join noisy, and regular fighting confra groups, leading to disappointment.
3.) Upon relocating to other states, some people find out that their confra group is highly unknown in those areas and they even struggle to find their members there. “their eye go clear”
4.) Those who were forced or deceived into joining confra groups.

We have received numerous stories of confra members suffering from depression due to their confra choices. If cross carpeting or renouncing was not dangerous, more than 50% would have done so.

You can see the rest of the reports by following Naija Confra on X,, and Telegram,

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