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ISIS releases video of concert hall that killed at least 130 people in Moscow

ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham or Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) has released video footage of the concert hall massacre that killed at least 130 people in Moscow, Russia.

The footage was taken by the men who carried out the attack.

According to United States officials, the U.S. warned Moscow that a terror attack was imminent, however, Putin reportedly threw cold water on the reports.

Three days before the attack, Putin denounced the warnings, saying they were just attempts to intimidate Russians.

“All that resembles open blackmail and an attempt to frighten and destabilise our society,” he said.

CONVERSEER reports that ISIS claimed the attack on Crocus City Hall in Moscow on Friday.

According to reports, Russia’s Federal Security Service, FSB has arrested 11 suspects in connection with the attack on Crocus City Hall that also hospitalised over 150.

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The head of FSB, Aleksandr Bortnikov, who briefed President Vladimir Putin on the development according to RT, citing the Kremlin, noted that among the suspects, four were directly involved in terrorist attacks.

Those arrested include “all four terrorists directly involved” in the attack on the concert hall outside Moscow, Bortnikov told the head of state, according to the report.

Meanwhile, Russian lawmaker, Alexander Khinshtein, said the attackers had fled in a Renault vehicle that was spotted by police in the Bryansk region, about 340 km (210 miles) southwest of Moscow on Friday night and disobeyed instructions to stop.

He said two were arrested after a car chase and two others fled into a forest. From the Kremlin account, it appeared they too were later detained.

Khinshtein said a pistol, a magazine for an assault rifle, and passports from Tajikistan were found in the car. Tajikistan is a mainly Muslim Central Asian state that used to be part of the Soviet Union.

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