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My experience with a lesbian

By Phylo Modlin Odu

One of these days with an unbearable temperature, nothing was making sense to me as I faced the day’s challenges. So, I went to my regular pool, It’s in a luxury apartment. It is a clean, large, very deep and relatively private pool.

Within seconds of my arrival, I had changed into my swimwear and was submerged in water like a fish that had missed home. If the entire environment was exclusive to me, I would have gone in stark naked. That’s how bad the weather was. Anyway, I swam end to end twice and then stayed afloat to rest. It was then I took a glance at my environment.

The only guests there were three girls sitting at the bush bar where chilled drinks and tasty Suya are sold. Drop-dead gorgeous, succulent, light and brown skin girls. Two of them were about 5.9ft or 6ft tall, had moderate size buttocks, and wore expensive fancy slippers, jewellery and hair. By the car keys on their table, one can easily tell that, they were living the high life.

From the bar, one can see the pool, and from the pool, one can clearly see the bar. They were staring at me as if they wanted me to stare back, and when my eyes caught theirs, one of them waved with a smile, I smiled back and continued swimming.

After a while, I was exhausted and thirsty, so I came out of the pool to rest, and of course, gulp some liquid motivation. As I walked towards the next unoccupied rafter tent, their eyes escorted me. They commended my swimming skills and invited me to their table and since I was alone, I accepted and we started chatting about how therapeutic swimming is, general fitness and of course, the Abuja life.

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The one who had waved at me earlier, let us call her Trisha. So, Trisha introduced herself and the two other girls to me. They’re Igbo, Akwa-Ibom and Idoma. I told them I sell foodstuff, they said they don’t cook. I wasn’t wrong when I said they were comfortable, their order on the table suggested so.

The conversation was going on well, until out of the blue, Trisha asked if my breasts were real, and that they’d been debating amongst themselves since I walked in wearing a singlet. I told them I haven’t had a child yet, besides there’s nothing spectacular about it. Trisha ignored the response and asked if she could touch them, I had my suspicions, but I agreed, at least we were in public, what could she possibly do? I thought. So, she cupped them, gave a mild squeeze, and let out a lustful moan.

E be like say lesbian don use me get orgasm.

Trish later approached me as I was done with swimming, dressed up and was ready to leave. She asked if we could be close friends and I said:

Me, I cannot leave gbola that is sweet like this and follow my fellow woman ooo.

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