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Osita Iheme (Pawpaw) grateful of social media memes

Nollywood Actor Pawpaw, known by his real name as Osita Iheme, expresses gratitude that social media chats and pop culture references occasionally feature scenes from his films from decades ago.

The seasoned actor claimed in a media interview that the screenshots and videos, which are primarily used as memes, demonstrate his influence and the public’s enjoyment of his acting.

He said: “It’s good to see that your works do well out there and people appreciate what you do even though it has been so many years; people still value it now. It shows that you have an asset.”

He stated that although some clips were shot 20 years ago, he is thankful that people can still relate to it and use it to describe their feelings today.

“So, I feel happy,” Osita Iheme added.

Since the early 2000s, the 42-year-old actor has been a part of the Nigerian film industry’s growth.

Following the release of the 2003 movie Aki na Ukwa, Osita Iheme and his college friend, Chinedu Ikedieze aka Aki became more well-known. They were called Ak and Pawpaw in the movie.

Later on, he starred in other films, including Mr Ibu, Baby Police, Daddy Must Obey, Two Rats, and Village Rascals.

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