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Squatters sue homeowners over eviction in New York

New York homeowners are getting sued by squatters who claim they were unfairly evicted from a house where they weren’t paying rent.

Shortly before turning the property over to paying tenants, the owners discovered that squatters had taken over their home.

After kicking them out of the home, the squatters hired an attorney to sue the homeowners.

“I’m being sued for illegal lockout, and for damages. They uploaded fake documents and they have an attorney and notary that are working with them to scam innocent homeowners in Queens,” said a homeowner.

“They are targeting empty homes, especially the ones listed on the market and the homeowners are not protected,” added the homeowner.

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The homeowners say when they tried putting new locks on the doors so the squatters wouldn’t come back, they were told by police that they would be arrested if they put on new locks.

Sure enough, the men returned the next day.

“The guys are trained and coached. It is something they’ve done before. It’s a scam and it’s insane,” the real estate broker said.

The litigation is pending and the court date is set for 5 April.

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