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Trump annihilates Sen. Graham on Truth Social

Former President Donald Trump is currently annihilating Republican Senator Lindsey Graham on Truth Social right now.

Trump is specifically calling out Graham for his stance on abortion, saying it won’t win elections.

“I blame myself for Lindsey Graham because the only reason he won in the Great State of South Carolina is because I Endorsed him!

“Senator Lindsey Graham and Marjorie Dannenfelser should study the 10th Amendment and States’ Rights. When they do, they should proudly get on with helping Republicans to WIN ELECTIONS, rather than making it impossible for them to do so!”

“Senator Lindsey Graham is doing a great disservice to the Republican Party, and to our Country,” Trump posted on Truth Social.

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He added in another post, “People forget, fighting Roe v. Wade was, right from the beginning, all about bringing the issue back to the States, pursuant to the 10th Amendment and States’ Rights. It wasn’t about anything else.

“After we won, Marjorie Dannenfelser of SBA, and Lindsey Graham, started saying, ‘No, let’s go back to the Federal Government with 0 weeks,’ and when they got nowhere, they upped it to 6 weeks, and more recently they upped it to 15 weeks, and were obviously willing to take the number UPWARD, UPWARD, UPWARD because they were getting nowhere with the Democrats, and they never will, because the Democrats would never give up on this Issue no matter how many weeks the Republicans went – even if they went, ‘Unlimited Abortion!’ We had a Great Victory, it’s back in the States where it belongs, and where everyone wanted it. The States will be making the decision.

“Republicans are now free to run for Office based on the Horrible Border, Inflation, Bad Economy, and the Death & Destruction of our Country!”

Collin Rugg
Collin Rugg
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