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80-year-old ‘nun’ caught on camera wheeling dead body of her sister nun in Santiago

An 80-year-old ‘nun’ was caught on camera wheeling the dead body of her sister nun in Santiago, Chile.

The body was later found by someone walking by and the police initially thought the death was an execution carried out by the drug cartel.

After they investigated further, they found out that the corpse was a 58-year-old ‘nun’ who died a year before due to natural causes.

The two women made an agreement before she died that they would “take care of each other” after death.

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The dead woman was in a case for the entire year out of “affection and loyalty” according to authorities. After the alive nun’s daughter visited, however, she was convinced to officially lay her to rest.

Police later found out that the women weren’t part of a formal religious order but were “consecrated laywomen.”

The 80-year-old was not arrested.

Watch the video below…

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Collin Rugg
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