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Anti-Israel protests hold across US with protesters wielding Hezbollah flags

By Chris Thompson

The United States on Monday was faced with protest in various by Pro-Palestine protesters who took over the streets of major cities in the country.

The anti-Israel, CONVERSEER gathered which broke out in a synchronised way spanned across major cities like New York (including Wall Streets), Chicago at O’Hare International Airport, San Francisco Area of the Golden Gate Bridge, California, Miami, Florida, San Antonio, Texas, Philadelphia, Southern California, Eugene, Oregon, and several others.

During the protest, 7 people were arrested in Miami, about 20 in California and a host of others.

In Chicago, all outbound lanes on Kennedy Expressway at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago were blocked by the pro-Palestine protesters.

People were seen getting out of their cars and making the long walk to the terminal so they didn’t miss their flights.

“Vehicular travel into O’Hare may be substantially delayed this morning due to protest activity on I-190,” the airport warned.

In California, the pro-Palestine protesters blocked the Golden Gate Bridge just hours after another group shut down lanes at Chicago O’Hare airport.

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The protest reportedly started in Oakland where they blocked lanes and chained themselves to barrels.

All southbound direction lanes of the Golden Gate Bridge were blocked causing miles of traffic.

The protesters say the protests are part of a “worldwide economic blockade in solidarity with Palestine.”

In New York, the pro-Palestine protesters stormed the Brooklyn Bridge and blocked traffic with one protester reportedly waving a Hezbollah flag.

The incident comes after protesters blocked off the Golden Gate Bridge in California and lanes outside the Chicago airport.

Earlier in the day, some protesters were heard shouting “Death to America” with one protester burning an American flag in New York City.

CONVERSEER reports that the Golden Gate Bridge was finally opened after pro-Palestine protesters stopped traffic for nearly 5 hours.

Police reportedly arrested about 30 individuals who reportedly chained themselves to vehicles.

After the police arrested the protesters, they had to wait for tow trucks to arrive to remove the protesters’ vehicles on the bridge.

The protests throughout the country were a part of an “economic blockade” as the protesters targeted “the global economy for its complicity in Israel’s ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people.”

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Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson is an international writer with expertise in politics, business and public affairs.

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