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VIDEO: Enraged pro-Palestine protester confronts New York Mayor on a plane

By Chris Thompson

A Democratic mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, was confronted on Monday by a pro-Palestine protester while on board a plane.

The incident occurred while Adams was returning from a weekend trip to Miami.

The protester, who was seemingly enraged, accused Adams of failing to address the ongoing violence against the Palestinian people.

She also mentioned the recent arrest of hundreds of NYC college students and faculty members who were protesting against the alleged genocide of Palestinians.

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“Are you Eric Adams? Yeah? F**K YOU!” the woman in the video shouted.

“New York mayor Eric Adams spotted flying back from a weekend in Miami (Monday 4/22).”

“The same weekend that hundreds of NYC college students and faculty members were arrested for protesting the Palestinian genocide,” the woman said in the description on TT.

The incident was recorded by the protester’s friend and has since gone viral on social media.

This comes just weeks after actor Alec Baldwin was involved in a highly publicised altercation with a photographer, adding to the list of high-profile confrontations in NYC.


Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson is an international writer with expertise in politics, business and public affairs.

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