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One Year Later, Bakassi People Truly Have A Representative – Frank Edima

By Frank Edima

It dawned on me that it’s one full circle round the sun already since the Bakassi people gave Hon. Eyo Bassey the mandate to represent them on the floor of the Cross River State House of Assembly. Not that the year seemed to run faster than my thoughts but the fact that his style of representation has made me long for more.

In the heat of the campaigns in 2022 and 2023, I was open to supporting a candidate who would be accessible to the people, and who would have the growth and development of the constituency at heart. On the other hand, I prayed for a leader who would support the Bakassi International Fish Festival project I had nursed with my team. It had become obvious that the project needed a touch from community stakeholders, and a member of the House of Assembly would be no exception.

In March 2023, the good people of Bakassi made a choice of who won the assembly elections. Their choice, undoubtedly, became a voice to reckon with.

From his nickname, Empowerment Chairman, to his various impacts on the young people of Bakassi, Hon. Eyo Bassey truly earns that badge.

During his inauguration this day a year ago, he made two statements that have become his signature. First, he said, and I quote ‘I will make sure that all Bakassi events are hosted in Bakassi.’ sure that

Less than 90 days later, he hosted a memorable Thanksgiving service in Bakassi, an activity that brought top state personalities into the LGA. If you’re familiar with the Bakassi story, you would know why this is making a headline.

Next, he pledged to continue in activities that his title suggests “empowering the Bakassi people.”

It was time for the second edition of the festival, September 26, 2023, precisely, my team and I paid a courtesy visit to the member. Our first official visit to his office gripped our collective hope to a higher degree. Of course, his support was overwhelming. From flagging off the festival to sponsoring prizes and activities at the festival, we wouldn’t have asked for a better representative.


In December 2023, a historic scholarship programme was executed where Hon. Eyo splashed millions of Naira on scholarships including registrations for WAEC and NECO. I could see and feel the excitement and impact that singular programme made in the lives of students in Bakassi. This goes to show how Hon. Eyo values education as it is unanimously adopted as the bedrock of societal progress.

For over 9 years, Bakassi people have suffered blackouts. Businesses and homes have spent fortunes to power their spaces. Some have even given up on government’s intervention but through the years, Hon. Eyo Bassey has repeatedly assured the people of Bakassi of power restoration in their communities. Just recently, the power lines connecting power from Calabar to Bakassi have been restored. News from sources has it that the commissioning of these power lines is underway.

Hon. Eyo’s intervention in unnumbered issues affecting the Bakassi people should be highly commended. From holding closed-door meetings to revive the business community in Bakassi to holding peace talks and engagements with stakeholders within and outside Bakassi.

Time and space are limited to detail most of the work Hon. Eyo Bassey is doing behind the scenes to protect and promote Bakassi. Permit me to conclude with this popular African proverb.

‘A tree is known by its fruits, and a leader by his deeds.’ In light of Hon. Eyo Bassey’s one year in office, I am proud to say here that his deeds are evidence of the true leader he is.

Frank Edima is the founder of the Bakassi International Fish Festival.

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