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China is buying up strategically placed farmland next to military installations across US

China has been buying up strategically placed farmland next to military installations across the United States (US), raising national security fears over potential espionage or even sabotage.

The Post has identified 19 bases across the US from Florida to Hawaii which are in close proximity to land bought up by Chinese entities and could be exploited by spies working for the communist nation.

They include some of the military’s most strategically important bases: Fort Liberty (formerly Fort Bragg) in Fayetteville, North Carolina; Fort Cavazos (formerly Fort Hood) in Killeen, Texas; Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California, and MacDill air force base in Tampa, Florida.

Robert S. Spalding III, a retired United States Air Force brigadier general whose work focuses on US-China relations told The Post: “It is concerning due to the proximity to strategic locations.

Under the guise of farming, the Chinese landowners could set up reconnaissance sights, install tracking technology, use radar and infra-red scanning to view bases or attempt to fly drones over them as ways to surveil military sites

Listening to GIs at a bar talking… Local storage units being rented out near a base is an indicator that troops are leaving.

“A train carrying tanks, Strykers [armoured fighting vehicles], and [Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles], followed by an increased number of cargo planes landing and leaving a joint base like Lewis-McChord in Washington state, would indicate when US forces are moving,” all of which is invaluable military knowledge.


According to the latest analysis from the Farm Service Agency of the USDA, Chinese investors owned 349,442 acres of US farmland as of 31st December 2022.

One of the biggest investors in Texas is secretive billionaire Sun Guangxin, who has deep ties to the communist party and spent an estimated $110 million buying up land next to Laughlin Air Force Base in Val Verde County, a training ground for military pilots

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Chris Thompson
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