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Cross River community raises alarm over Fulani herdsmen attack

The lives, farmlands, crops and properties of the people of Ukpada people in Bekwarra Local Government Area of Cross River State are in danger following the recent attack by Fulani herdsmen.

The people of the community stand the risk of being killed on their farmlands and at home by these herdsmen who have been holding the nation hostage since the administration of former President Muhammadu Buhari.

Converseer reports that the incessant attack led to the protest by the women of the community a few days ago, calling on the state government to save their lives and farmlands.

The women also called on the State and Federal Lawmakers representing the area to come to their aid as their farmlands are where they survive, give their children education as well as send to those outside the community.

Addressing the protesting women adorned in black, one of the community leaders called on all the sons and daughters of Bekwarra in Abuja, Lagos, Calabar and outside the country to hear and act on the plight of the people they left at home before they are being wiped out.

He said, “Fulani herdsmen are chasing people here in Bekwarra and the women who are protesting can’t go to their farms for fear of being killed. The lives and properties of the people are at stake. We don’t want to experience what is happening in our neighbouring Benue State.”

“I call on Hon. Charles Omang, Member Representing Bekwarra State Constituency; Hon. Peter Akpanke, Member Representing Obudu/Bekwarra/Obanliku Federal Constituency; and Sen. Jarigbe Agom, Senator Representing Cross River Northern Senatorial District, to come to our aid,” he added.

One of the protesting women on her part said, “It is from this farm that we send our children to school, send food to them outside,” as they all shouted that they didn’t want Fulani in Bekwarra again.

The women were carrying placards with various messages, some of which were: “Ukpada women will rather return to their parents instead of perishing,” “Herdsmen are not residing in Ukpada, they only come to graze and destroy our farmlands,” “No more cattle grazing in Ukpada or Bekwarra by the Fulani Herdsmen,” “Ukpada people are law-abiding citizens and will always respect the law,” among others.


An anonymous source said the problem started when a local confronted a herder who was using his cattle to graze on people’s farms. So, in the process, they attacked each other leading to the death of the Fulani man, and the police came in and arrested some people but the herdsmen vowed to erase the community from the face of the earth.

“The Fulani man I grew up to know back in the days was so friendly, not the AK-47-wielding type that is so fastidious. The people are forced to cry out this time around because of an unpalatable experience not too long ago.

“A local in the community encountered a Fulani herder who was looking on unperturbed as his cattle grazed wilfully on a farmer’s crop. Then he questioned the herder who attempted to kill the young man who then overpowered him and in the scuffle that ensued, the Fulani man lost his life.

“The police came in and arrested a lot of people in the community who were later set free after payment of heavy compensation by the Ukpada people to the Fulani community.

“We don’t know why they are coming back and threatening to kill all our people and destroy their crops. Please, the inhabitants of this community are 95% agrarian and their only source of livelihood shouldn’t be weaponised against,” the source said.

Watch the video of the protest below;

Converseer further reports that the Fulani herdsmen have killed uncountable people in Benue State with the recent being on Wednesday afternoon when they attacked and killed scores of people in Borikyo, Ukum Local Government Area. They also burned down the residence of the Chief of Staff to the Governor, Paul Biam, in Zaki Biam, leading to the people taking to the streets to protest against the barbaric act.

It has been reported that one of the leading causes of food shortages in Nigeria is the insecurity posted by herdsmen and bandits.

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