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MultiChoice Increases Subscription Prices For DSTV And GOTV

MultiChoice, the operators of DSTV and GOTV have increased the subscription prices for the over-the-air TV networks.

According to a statement signed by John Ugbe, Chief Executive Officer of MultiChoice and made available to CONVERSEER, the new prices take effect on Monday, November 6, 2023.

According to Ugbe, the price increment covers all DSTV and GOTV packages.

“On Monday, November 6, 2023, we will adjust our prices across all our packages on DStv and GOtv.

“We understand the impact this change may have on you – our valued customer, but the rise in the cost of business operations, has led us to make this difficult decision.

“It remains our mission to provide the best entertainment and viewing experience to you and are committed to continue to deliver high-quality content and unparalleled service.

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“So, from Monday, 6 November 2023, the price adjustment will take effect as follows:

DStv Package Old And New Prices (Monthly)

1. Premium – old price = N24,500; new price = N 29,500.

2. Compact + – old price = N16,600; new price = N19,800.

3. Compact – old price = N 10,500; new price = N 12,500.

4. Confam – old price = N6,200; new price = N7,400.

5. Yanga – old price = N3,500; new price = N4,200.

6. Padi – old price N2,500; new price = N2,950.

7. HDPVR Access Service – old price = N3,400; new price = N4,000.

8. Access Fees – old price = N3,400; new price = N 4,000.

9. XtraView – old price = N3,400; new price = N 4,000.

GOtv Package Old And New Price (Monthly)

1. Supa+ – old price = N10,500; new price = N12,500

2. Supa – old price = N6,400; new price = N7,600.

3. Max – old price = N4,850; new price = N5,700.

4. Jolli – old price = N3,300; new price = N3,950.

5. Jinja – old price = N2,250; new price = 2,700.

6. Smallie – old price = N1,100; new price = N1,300.

“We thank you for your continued patronage and support,” the statement added.

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Frank Ulom
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