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How to Start a Laundry Service That’ll End You N100,000 to N200,000 Monthly Without Capital

Calabar, Cross River State capital, South-South Nigeria, is noted for its jollying. Everyone wants to live a gentlemanly life even with little economic strength like that of Lagos and other big cities, and you can take advantage of that. Please, note that I used Calabar as an example, this can work in any part of Nigeria or the world.

When I mentioned laundry, I know a lot of you will be thinking that this guy is crazy – like, do you know what it cost to get a washing machine, shop, soap, drying machine, pressing irons, starches and even pay for more hands? Don’t worry, relax and in fact, you will start this business without a dime, I repeat, without shishi – all you have to do is read along and pay attention very closely.

Now, let us analyse the Calabar metropolis; Marian, State Housing Estate, Ibom Layout, Eta Agbor, Satellite Town, Ekorinim, Parliamentary, Asari Eso, Ekpo Abasi, Mayne Avenue, Mount Zion, Diamond, Ikot Effanga Mkpa Estate, Sacramento Estate, Fioekong Estate, MCC, Akai Effa, IBB, etc, these places are filled with rich people who will pay you to do home laundry for them. You know the benefit of home laundry; your clothes won’t be mixed with other people’s clothes, nor light colours being mixed with heavy colours causing a change of colour of your clothing and, you will also get satisfactory service as well. That being said, are you thinking what I am thinking? Whether yes or no, keep reading.

Wake up on Saturday morning, most people stay at home because it is a day to rest after the Monday to Friday hassle and all you have to do is knock on every gate you can: just like the Bible said, knock and it shall be opened, seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given unto you {Matthew 7:7}. Don’t know what to say, well, I will tell you how to make it work.

When you bash into someone, courtesy demands you put on a nice face and kindly introduced yourself, no matter their welcoming mode. After seeking the person’s attention, tell them your own intention – which is “I am here to work for you”. Go ahead, tell them that you’d like to be doing their laundry services; all types – from watching, drying, ironing and packaging. The best part of this is that you won’t need to buy any washing materials because some people have them already in their houses. What if they don’t have a washing machine? Use your hands. Tell them to provide you with their favourite washing soaps and detergents and water as well, when you wash, you line-dry them and if there are dry, you ask for an iron to iron them well. If they can provide you with nylon to package, better. No one will give up such a proposal, well some may but many will surely give you the job.

Now that you have secured a client, how are you to charge them so that you can make money in return? First, look at the household and determine the time you will be spending to wash, dry and iron their clothes and then, pick days during the week – it can be twice or thrice a week and so on, depending on the size of the family. You can charge them N10,000 to N50,000 monthly, depending on the household. All you have to do is get there on time on your stipulated days, do a fine job for them and don’t forget to ask them to provide you with the basic things you need like water, soap/detergent, a basin to wash or washing machine, place to dry or drying machine, an electric iron for ironing and nylon for packaging (if any).

To earn more, you have to earmark at most 5 houses, then you can be making at least N50,000 to N200,000 monthly or more. All you have to do is, spread the clients from Monday to Saturday, every month.

Remember, without innovation, your business may crumble, so, invest in equipment, shop and staff if the need arises so as to keep it going.

You will face challenges, be it the rainy season, but be rest assured that glory days will come and always aim to improve and increase your revenue.

That’s all I have for you on how to start a Laundry Business with an income.

Frank Ulom
Frank Ulom
Frank Ulom is an experienced Journalist, Blogger and Writer with several years of experience. His stories are based on community development and have brought positive change across board.

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