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OpenAI Value Reaches $100bn Plans To Launch New Round Of Financing

By James Ovie

According to a Bloomberg report early this morning, OpenAI is in early discussions about a new round of financing, and its valuation will “reach or exceed” US$100 billion.

Sources who asked not to be named said that potential investors in this round of financing have been included in preliminary discussions, but details such as the terms, valuation and timing of this round of financing have not yet been finalised and there may still be variables.

Bloomberg quoted data from market research firm CB Insights as saying that if this round of financing proceeds as planned, this “darling” in the AI ​​industry will become the second most valuable start-up in the United States, with only Musk’s SpaceX ahead of it. Discovery Technologies, Inc.).

Sources also said that OpenAI has also discussed raising funds for a new chip company with Abu Dhabi’s G42 Company.

OpenAI has discussed raising US$8 billion-10 billion from G42-fund-related matters.

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For now, it’s unclear whether there is a connection between chip venture capital and broader corporate financing efforts.

According to a report by IT House citing Bloomberg in October this year, OpenAI is discussing with potential investors and plans to sell the shares of existing employees at a valuation of US$86 billion.

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James Ovie
James Ovie
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