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Scientists Discover Battery-Powered Weight Loss Pills That’ll Change The World

By James Ovie

An engineering team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a new battery-powered capsule-like object that uses vibration to enhance abdominal peristalsis and enhance the feeling of fullness.

In an experimental environment, the scientific team gave the drug to pigs 20 minutes before meals and found that food intake was reduced by 40% compared with usual; at the same time, the body released mixed hormones during meals to produce insulin and suppress appetite.

Scientists Discover Battery-Powered Weight Loss Pills That'll Change The World

“For people who want to lose weight or control their appetite, it could be taken before each meal,” said Shriya Srinivasan, the study’s first author and an assistant professor of bioengineering at Harvard University.

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Srinivasan added, “This provides a new weight loss drug option that can maximise Reduce the side effects we see with other drug treatments.”

CONVERSEER reports that perhaps for many friends who are losing weight, due to work and life and other reasons, they may not be able to “control their mouths and open their legs” for a long time, so they turn to weight loss pills, but these Medications also have some side effects.

Below is the reference address of the paper:

  • Shriya S. Srinivasan et al. ,A vibrating ingestible bioelectronic stimulator modulates gastric stretch receptors for illusory satiety.Sci . Adv.9,eadj3003(2023).
    DOI: 10.1126/ sciadv.adj3003

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