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Hensard University Tuition, General Charges For 2023/2024 Academic Session

By Christie Asakem

Hensard University is pleased to announce the tuition and general charges for the 2023/2024 Academic year.

“As part of our commitment to delivering exceptional academic programmes and maintaining a conducive learning environment, Hensard University has released its fee structure to ensure excellence in education,” said Professor Dileep Kumar M., the Vice Chancellor of the University.

“These fees, though marked in dollars, can be paid in the equivalent of the Nigerian currency, Naira. Some of the teachers and other staff would be recruited from abroad in line with the international standards on which Hensard has benchmarked for its operations,” Prof Kumar said.

“Hensard will save Nigerians visa challenges, costs, and cultural dislocations associated with studying abroad.”

The fees for the five faculties are as follows:

FACULTY OF ARTS, SOCIAL SCIENCES & MANAGEMENT – $2,000 or its equivalent in Naira.

1. Department of Accounting
2. Department of Business Administration
3. Department of Political Science & International Relations
4. Department of Procurement Management & Project Management
5. Department of History and Diplomatic Studies
6. Department of Economics
7. Department of Performing and Creative Arts
8. Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
9. Department of Languages and Linguistics.

SCIENCE AND COMPUTING ($2,500 – $3,000)

Faculty of Science and Computing

1. Department of Computer Science – $3,000
2. Department of Science and Laboratory Technology – $2,500
3. Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology – $2,500
4. Department of Cybersecurity – $3,000
5. Department of Physics and Electronics – $2,500
6. Department of Software Engineering – $3,000
7. Department of Data Science – $3,000
8. Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – $2,500


Faculty of Agriculture

1. Department of Agriculture Economics & Extension
2. Department of Animal Production and Husbandry
3. Department of Agronomy
4. Department of Fisheries & Aquaculture
5. Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management

Faculty of Communication and Media Studies ($2,000)

1. Department of Broadcasting
2. Department of Film & Multimedia Studies
3. Department of Journalism

Faculty of Environmental Sciences ($2,500 – $3,000)

1. Department of Environmental Management – $2,500
2. Department of Surveying & Geo-Informatics – $3,000
3. Department of Meteorology and Climate Science – $3,000
4. Department of Geology and Geophysics – $2,500

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The university has also announced general charges to support various services and initiatives essential to nurturing well-rounded individuals. The general charges are as follows:

Medical Deposit – N50,000
Hensard Philanthropy – N50,000
Entrepreneurship – N50,000
Research & Innovation Support Fund – N50,000
Accommodation – N200,000

The University also announces tuition, including accommodation, for the Hensard Foundation School as follows:

Tuition: N750,000
General Charges: N400,000

About Hensard University

Hensard University is an institution dedicated to providing high-quality education across a wide range of disciplines. With a commitment to academic excellence, practical skills, entrepreneurship, innovation, and holistic development, Hensard University strives to prepare students for successful careers and lifelong learning through its dual certification and partnership with different universities and institutions across the world offering a diverse range of programmes.

Hensard University aims to empower students to make a positive impact in their chosen fields and society as a whole.

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Christie Asakem
Christie Asakem
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