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Emeka Ike’s ex-Wife Used To Slap Him, Was Signature To His Account – Victor Alleges

By Paschal Abu

Another side of the story of Emeka Ike and his erstwhile wife, Suzanne Emma is out and this time around, it has taken another dimension.

Emeka’s brother, Victor Ike while responding to the interview granted by Suzanne on Chude and Linda Ikeji Blog, said the actor suffered domestic violence from his ex-wife.

In a thread on Sunday on X, Victor said Emeka’s ex-wife used to slap him and was even a signatory to his account.

He said the actor opened a movie studio and a school for Suzanne.

He also said Suzanne has turned her children against their father, adding that she used to withdraw money from her ex-husband’s account without telling him.

“I heard the lies made against my brother, Emeka Ike by his Ex-wife on @Chude show & @lindaikeji blog.

“So, she slapped him on a number of occasion but now claims he is a wife beater?

“She was a signatory to his bank account, and when he was alerted that huge amounts were being withdrawn constantly, he asks to be informed before withdrawals, then she turns it into an issue of been financially deprived?

“He sponsored her from the level of JAMB exams to University & then Masters. He opened CIS movie studio and a secondary school, both of which she was put in charge of and subsequently ruined, and now she claims he never allowed her work?

“She told lies against my mum, whom she beat up a couple of times. We had issues with my brother regarding this, but he was blinded by love. A woman he loved more than himself now wants to blackmail him, label him a wife beater & manipulate his kids against him?

“Why only use parts of his Voice Note and not the complete VN, If not for the intent to blackmail him with false allegations?

“Men’s voices don’t matter anymore cos when they try to express themselves, people don’t believe them.

“Michael, go and apologize to your Dad for the abusive words and insults. Don’t be used to blackmail your Father.

“@Chude, @lindaikeji and other bloggers, please stay off these kids, this is not right for their mental health. Respect their children’s privacy!!” Victor Ike wrote on X.

CONVERSEER reports that Suzanne in an interview with Chude said Emeka didn’t allow her to work even when she wanted to work.

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She said her ex-husband married her when she was young and paid for her school, adding that she did not ruin his life. She also added that Emeka did not build a house for her mother, and that he only renovated the back as a son-in-law.

She also said she never took over the school they built.


CONVERSEER further reports that a Lagos Island Customary Court on the 3rd of March, 2017 dissolved the marriage between Emeka Ike, and his wife, Suzanne Emma over alleged incessant battery.

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Paschal Abu
Paschal Abu
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