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Nintendo Switch 2 Game Console To Be Released This Year, Priced At $399

By James Ovie recently published a 2024 game industry forecast article. Analyst, Dr Serkan Toto claimed in the article that the Nintendo Switch 2 game console will be released this year.

Nintendo Switch 2 Game Console To Be Released This Year, Priced At $399

According to IT Homes, the analysts believe that the price of Switch 2 will increase by US$100  to US$399 compared with the current model. In addition, Nintendo’s games will also be sold by then which will rise to 70 US dollars price.

Analysts also mentioned that the Nintendo Switch 2 is positioned as an “iteration” rather than an “innovation”. Compared with the current model, this game console only has “performance” improvements and will not introduce “groundbreaking new gameplay.”

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According to IT Home’s previous reports, the development kit for Nintendo Switch 2 has been sent to various development studios. The specific parameters of the model are expected to be as follows, but the final information released by Nintendo shall prevail:

  • Chip: Customized NVIDIA Tegra T254 chip, equipped with 8 Cortex-A78 CPU cores, 12 Ampere architecture streaming multi-processors, with Ada Lovelace GPU proprietary technology (supports ray tracing and DLSS 3.1)

  • Screen: 8-inch 720P LCD screen, supports HDMI 2.1, 10 Bit color, HDR, 4K60 output, does not support 120Hz refresh rate,


  • ROM: 64GB, 256GB, 512GB eMMC storage, equipped with NVMe SSD

  • Price: US$399 (IT House Note: Currently about 2849 yuan)

  • Battery life: 3-6 hours

  • Features: Can be linked with smartphones, improved backward compatibility, improved Joy-Con rocker

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