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Mbappe takes stand with Maignan, says no solution to racism

By Frank Ulom

France International and Paris Saint-German, PSG striker, Kylian Mbappe has taken stand with fellow countryman, Mike Maignan.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup winner and 2022 FIFA World Cup runners-up in a supporting post on X, formerly Twitter, said his France teammate, Maignan is not alone in the fight against racism.

Mbappe who’s loud voice is to end racism, said it seems like their no solution to the menace that has lingered long enough to be silenced.

The forward tweeted in French, saying, “Tu es très loin d’être seul Mike Maignan.
On est tous avec toi.
Toujours les mêmes problèmes et toujours AUCUNE solution.
Trop c’est trop !!!!!!!!!!!!

CONVERSEER translated the tweet to English to mean:

“You are very far from being alone Mike Maignan.
We are all with you.
Still the same problems and still NO solution.
Enough is enough !!!!!!!!!!!!

CONVERSEER reports that Maignan, AC Milan keeper was racially abused by fans during their game against Udenese on Saturday (20 Jan. 2024).

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Speaking after the match, the French goalkeeper said: “We can’t play football like this.

“At the first goal kick I heard monkey chants and I didn’t say anything.

“Second goal kick, they did it again so I called the bench and fourth referee.

“There needs to be very harsh sanctions. Just talking does nothing.”

Taking to social media (X) to err out more of his ordeal, Maignan said:

“lt was not the player who was attacked. It’s the man. He’s the father of the family. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me. And I’m not the first this has happened to.

“We issued press releases, advertising campaigns, protocols and nothing has changed.

“Today, an entire system must take responsibility:

= The perpetrators of these acts, because it is easy to act in a group, in the anonymity of a platform.

= The spectators who were in the stand, who saw everything, who heard everything but who chose to remain silent, you are complicit.

= The Udinese club, which only spoke of an interruption of the match, as if nothing had happened, you are complicit.

= The authorities and the prosecutor, with everything that is happening, if you do nothing, YOU WILL ALSO BE COMPLICOUS.

“I have already told you and if it bears repeating: I am not a VICTIM. And I want to say thank you to my club AC Milan, to my teammates, to the referee, to the Udinese players and to everyone who sent me messages, who called me, who supported privately and publicly. I can’t answer everyone but I see you and we are TOGETHER.

“It is a difficult fight, which will take time and courage. But it’s a fight we will win.”

Also, AC Milan waded into the fight in a tweet, saying: “Following the unacceptable events during the match against Udinese, AC Milan has decided to not post any social media content today, 21 January 2024, in support of Mike Maignan and the fight against racism.”

CONVERSEER reports that AC Milan won the game 3-2 away at Udinese but before then, AC Milan players walked off the pitch briefly following the racial abuse on their teammate.

Frank Ulom
Frank Ulom
Frank Ulom is an experienced Journalist, Blogger and Writer with several years of experience. His stories are based on community development and have brought positive change across board.

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