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19-year-old girl stabs boyfriend for allegedly cheating on her

By Joe Udo

A 19-year-old girl identified as Victory Izekor has allegedly stabbed her 23-year-old boyfriend, Israel Ehimighe for allegedly cheating on her with his ex.

Converseer learned that Izekor, a Higher National Diploma, HND 1 student of Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State, is currently on the run after allegedly stabbing Ehimighe, who is in HND 2 (final) multiple times on the allegation that he made up with his ex-girlfriend.

According to Instablog9ja, the incident happened on Monday in Ehimighe’s house (hostel) in Usman D Street, Auchi.

A source who pleaded anonymity said, Izekor said her boyfriend was cheating on her just because his ex-girlfriend visited him. So, she decided to stab him.

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“He [Ehimighe] was about to go and drop off the ex-girlfriend when Victory came in. She told him she wanted to see him, so he came down from the car and they both went inside the house.

“As soon as they got in, she locked the door and started interrogating him. Before he could explain, she slapped him and he slapped her back.

“He wanted to leave but she had locked the door. He asked her for the key, instead, she brought out a knife and stabbed him in the stomach. She went on to stab him on his head and neck.

“He later managed to escape and took himself to the hospital. Even when he was running, she was still chasing him with the knife,” the source said.

The source added: “She [Izekor] has since gone into hiding and her family is currently threatening the boy to withdraw the case because he reported the matter to the police.

“They said if he doesn’t withdraw the case from the police station, he will not graduate from the school. He’s in HND final, while the girl is an HND 1 student.”

Joe Udo
Joe Udo
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