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Rascality of Rivers Lawmakers breaching S.109 CFRN 1999 as amended and Masters Energy Ltd subsidy reinvestigation still pending

By Omoiya Elder Darlington; Onyinyechukwu Ogah

The President should be aware that the illegality of the twenty-seven (I.e27) lawmakers breaching S.109 of the CFRN 1999 as Amended in Rivers state can’t be addressed by shabby alternative dispute Resolution (i.eADR )process between the factions. They are both different and can’t be addressed through ADR as one is far above that which the removal of the lawmakers is sacrosanct to Mr President; for his acceptance and performance to be scored high by international communities on the rule of law; he must do the needful.

Relying on the Rivers judiciary alone that goodwill to them is misconstrued to rightly dispensing Justice is a total breach and lack of true independence of the Judiciary before us all. This also calls for the true independence of the Judiciary that a man can easily pocket or they are left to suffer. The judiciary must be respected and allowed to act independently and must not be politicised by anyone. All Judicial officers in our various states must be well cared for independently to avoid any tier of government using them recklessly while they are ignorantly blamed by ignorant citizens for the woes of Nigeria while they are boxed into the corner to do what they do as a result of so many hidden conditions.

A breach of the constitution of the Federal republic can’t be addressed by Alternative Dispute Resolution and INEC must with immediate effect replace the said lawmakers to avoid Mr President working against the international standard of Abuse of the Rule of Law by adhering to the initial letter submitted to the Chairman of INEC it announced receiving same by the Governor of Rivers State and change the said lawmakers. The former Governor and Minister of FCT also have options to sustain the law by also getting another set of his boys to replace the ones to go out and be viewed before the public as a man who as a lawyer and a life Bencher is expected to respect the rule of law by everyone if he applies true wisdom as a short video clip where he was contradicting himself on similar issues he spoke about on our facebook handle on “Sugmad solicitors and Advocates -Humanity Chambers” can be watched for more clarification on the true position of the law currently breached by him. Wisdom demands we must behave in a manner where everyone must not see any loophole in our actions and that is what is called a true political guru and any iota of defect renders such a person incompetent in acclaimed professionalism.

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Secondly; in the letter to EFCC on the 30th of May,2023 by me as the petitioner against Masters Energy Oil and Gas Ltd only reinvestigation on subsidy Scam must be called upon through EFCC Port Harcourt zonal office and the officers who refused to act upon same or hide the said petition sacked from office as a warning to those who try to cover up illegality in the country to make it great. To avoid putting the Master’s workforce into unemployment or hardship; AMCON should take over while the investigation is going on to sustain the workforce and pay them as when due and also the arrest of the fronted owner crime against the CCA by attempting to murder the petitioner, false imprisonment etc of the petitioner and his cousin whom he wanted to silence in different ways while God saw the young cousin through.

We must understand that for the President to be taken as an active and competent President; he must do the needful and defend Nigerians not sacrificing anything against his administration that will give him a bad name by showing Nigerians and the international community that we obey the rule of law.

In summary, The Minister of FCT Nyesom Wike must be made to understand the superiority of the rule of law by allowing the law to take its true position and his boys dropped for new entrants and should also be aware there is a high-level secret against him and must be careful of his inner security.

Finally, Masters Energy Oil and Gas investigation must take place while the workforce is protected through AMCON doing the needful and if they lack the idea of the process to consult my chamber and I will give them adequate guide and guard of those to implement same if induced government workers claim they do not know the process to follow to comply to same and the man behind the veil Hon. Dr Uchechukwu Ogah CON, FCA. Must be arrested for trying to subvert justice and failed attempted murder, false imprisonment, failed attempt to inject me with insanity under illegal custody in Afara Correctional Service Centre Umuahia from and Zone 9 Umuahia from 9th June-13 September 2023 which is Covered by Abia State Government as a result of his close relationship with the Governor.

The actions of these men in sabotaging the efforts of this current government must be addressed to know that Nigeria has no sacred cows.


Omoiya Elder Darlington Onyinyechukwu Ogah.Esq, PhD, AICMC, ChMC, FIMC.
Founder: Sugmad Solicitors And Advocates-Humanity Chambers

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